Latest Past Events

RIC Film Series: Even the Rain

Join the fourth event in the Program in Racism, Immigration, and Citizenship’s spring 2023 film series “Global Views on Racism and Resistance,” a screening of Icíar Bollaín’s 2010 film Even the […]

The Politics of Racism and Antiracism in Japan

Scholarship on racial politics in Japan has tended to take a dichotomous view of Japan as either a culturally homogenous, racially exceptional society where racism does not exist or a perniciously racist one. This talk examines how racism and antiracism have interactively shaped modern Japan’s political development, focusing on national and international coalitions, social movements, empire, and postwar liberal democracy.

Foreign Affairs Symposium: Panel on Workers’ Rights, featuring Chris Smalls

The JHU Foreign Affairs Symposium is pleased to announce a panel on workers' rights, featuring Chris Smalls. He will be joined by moderator Maximillian Alvarez (The Real News) and a representative from the JHU dining worker union, Unite Here, and a representative from the JHU graduate worker union, TRU-UE.