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  • co-directors

  • P.J. Brendese

    Co-Director | Assistant Professor, Political Science

    PhD, Duke University
  • Erin Aeran Chung

    Charles D. Miller Associate Professor of East Asian Politics
    Director, Program in East Asian Studies
    Co-Director, Racism, Immigration, and Citizenship Program

    PhD, Northwestern University
    • 410-516-4496
    • 365 Mergenthaler
    • Research Interests: Comparative politics, East Asian politics (Japan and Korea), international migration, comparative racial politics
  • Clara Han

    Interim Co-Director | Associate Professor, Anthropology

    • 410-516-2864
    • Mergenthaler 463
    • Research Interests: Violence, care, urban poverty and everyday life; affliction and illness experience; death and dying; anthropology and philosophy
; Chile, the Southern Cone, Latin America; the United States; and connections and intersections with Asia
  • affiliated faculty

  • Rina Agarwala

    Assistant Professor of Sociology

    PhD, Princeton University
    • 410.516.5169
    • Mergenthaler 527
    • Research Interests: International development, gender, labor, migration, globalization, India
  • Katrina Bell McDonald

    Associate Professor of Sociology

    PhD, University of California, Davis
    • 410.516.7624
    • Mergenthaler 540
    • Research Interests: Sociology of the family, gender/ethnic identity, race and social class
  • Ryan Calder

    Assistant Professor of Sociology

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • 410-516-6678
    • Mergenthaler 435
    • Research Interests: Islamic law, jurisprudence (fiqh), and pious practice under conditions of contemporary capitalism and globalization
  • Nathan D. B. Connolly

    Herbert Baxter Adams Associate Professor of History

    PhD, University of Michigan
    • 410-516-7983
    • Gilman 390
    • Research Interests: The interplay between racism, capitalism, politics, and the built environment in the twentieth century
  • Stefanie Deluca

    Associate Professor of Sociology

    PhD, Northwestern University
  • Kathryn Edin

    Bloomberg Distinguished Professor

    PhD, Northwestern University
  • William Egginton

    Chair and Andrew W Mellon Professor in the Humanities

    PhD, Stanford University
    • 410-516-7510
    • Gilman 470
    • Research Interests: Spanish and Latin American literature, early modern European literature and thought, literary theory, and the relation between literature and philosophy
  • François Furstenberg

    Professor of History

    PhD, Johns Hopkins University
    • 410-516-0158
    • Gilman 306
    • Research Interests: The history of the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries
  • Meredith Greif

    Assistant Professor of Sociology

    PhD, Penn State University
    • 410-516-4942
    • Mergenthaler 530
    • Research Interests: The intersection of race, space, and housing
  • Jane Guyer

    Professor Emerita of Anthropology

    • 410-516-4690
    • Mergenthaler 459
    • Research Interests: Social and economic anthropology, money and culture, household and gender; West Africa
  • Michael Hanchard

    Research Professor

    • 410-516-4993
    • Mergenthaler 332
    • Research Interests: Nationalism, social movements, racial hierarchy and citizenship
  • LingXin Hao

    Professor of Sociology

    PhD, University of Chicago
    • 410.516.4022
    • Mergenthaler 509
    • Research Interests: Sociology of the family, public policy, immigration, social inequality, sociology of education, quantitative methods
  • Jared Hickman

    Associate Professor of English

    • 410-516-3843
    • Gilman 30C
    • Research Interests: The nexus of Americanity, modernity, and globality and its attendant utopian and millenarian projects
  • Jeanne-Marie Jackson

    Assistant Professor of English

  • Jessica Marie Johnson

    Assistant Professor of History

    • Gilman 372
    • Research Interests: The histories of slavery and the slave trade; women, gender, and sexuality in the African diaspora; and digital history and new media
  • Naveeda Khan

    Associate Professor of Anthropology

    PhD, Columbia University
  • Robert Lieberman

    Professor of Political Science

    PhD, Harvard University
  • Kenneth Moss

    Associate Professor of History

    PhD, Stanford University
    • 410-516-3325
    • Gilman 326
    • Research Interests: The history of Jewish social and political thinking in the 20th century, particularly Jewish conceptions of the state, capitalism, nation, and race between the two world wars; the history and sociology of Jewish nationalism; Yiddish and Hebrew culture and the Jewish encounter with ideas of secular culture and aesthetic culture; theory and practice of cultural history
  • Anand Pandian

    Associate Professor of Anthropology

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
  • Gabriel Paquette

    Professor of History

    • Gilman 322
    • Research Interests: European, Latin American, and Global History, with a focus on the Portuguese and Spanish empires
  • Robbie Schilliam

    Professor of Political Science

    PhD, University of Sussex
    • 410-516-0875
    • 341 Mergenthaler Hall
    • Research Interests: Re-reading classical political economy through its intimate relationship to Atlantic slavery, anti-colonial anti-fascism from the 1930s onwards, South-South anti-colonial connections
  • Daniel Schlozman

    Assistant Professor of Political Science

    PhD, Harvard University
  • Adam Sheingate

    Professor and Chair of Political Science

    PhD, Yale University
    • 410-516-7531
    • 335 Mergenthaler
    • Research Interests: American politics and comparative public policy
  • Todd Shepard

    Associate Professor of History

    PhD, Rutgers University - New Brunswick
    • Gilman 316
    • Research Interests: 20th-century France and the French Empire, with a focus on how imperialism intersects with histories of national identity, state institutions, race, and sexuality
  • Ronald Walters

    Professor of History

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley
    • 410-516-7588
    • Gilman 302
    • Research Interests: Social and cultural history of the United States with special interest in radicalism, reform, race, and popular culture
  • Emily Zackin

    Assistant Professor of Political Science

  • staff

  • Sabrina Axster

    Sabrina Axster

    Graduate Student Assistant

    BA University of the West of England; MSc University of Amsterdam; MS Rutgers University
    • Mergenthaler 224
    • Research Interests: International Relations & Comparative Politics Theories of Migration and Migration Concepts; Racial and Ethnic Politics; Social Movements and Non-State Actors in Migration; Neoliberalism; International Relations Theory.
  • Heba Islam

    Heba Islam

    Graduate Student Assistant

    BSc Lahore University of Management Sciences; MA Columbia University
    • Mergenthaler 224
    • Research Interests: Surveillance, security, law enforcement, expert authority, policing, militarization, South Asia