Outreach Initiatives

For prospective and current CMDB graduate students

The CMDB Graduate Program is the first of its kind in the Johns Hopkins School of Arts and Sciences to acknowledge the outreach activities of its students with a formal certificate.

This certificate of recognition is given to CMDB students who demonstrate a commitment to scientific teaching/service in their local community by completing a total of 50 hours of service over the course of their graduate career.

MInDS introduces students to outreach programs throughout Baltimore. We also welcome new opportunities, so please contact MInDS with your ideas for events/initiatives/collaborations! 

Here is a list of other organizations that MInDS Members have worked with for outreach efforts:

For community members with outreach requests

MInDS invites community members to contact MInDS for outreach initiatives and collaborations. If you have an event for which you would like Biology graduate students to speak/demonstrate/lead, please contact us at [email protected]!