Group 2023

Group Spring 2023, without Adip!
With Ian, without Adip!

Margaret E. Johnson
Principal Investigator

Johns Hopkins University
School of Arts & Sciences
121C Mergenthaler
3400 N. Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

phone: 410-516-2376
email: [email protected]

Maggie Johnson: cv_WEB


We have positions available for post-docs and graduate students interested in applying theory and modeling to understanding dynamical systems in cell biology. We are especially focused on endocytosis and viral infection, by developing models of the dynamics and control of self-assembly and its coupling to the cell membrane.

Post-doc applicants must have programming experience.

Current Group Members

Adip Jhaveri

Adip Jhaveri
PhD Student, Biophysics
121 Mergenthaler
[email protected]

Sikao Guo

Dr Sikao Guo
121 Mergenthaler
[email protected]

Sam Foley

Dr Sam Foley
121 Mergenthaler
[email protected]

Mankun Sang

Mankun Sang
PhD Student, Biophysics
121 Mergenthaler
[email protected]

Moon Ying

Moon Ying
PhD Student, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
121 Mergenthaler
[email protected]


Jonathan Fischer
PhD Student, Cell, Mol, Dev Biol and Biophysics
121 Mergenthaler
[email protected]

Danny Evans

Danny Evans
PhD Student, Biophysics–Lau Lab member!
121 Mergenthaler
[email protected]

Achyuth Parola
Undergraduate Biophysics
[email protected]

Ezra Greenberg
Undergraduate Applied Math

Gabe Au
Undergraduate Biophysics
[email protected]

Hassan Sohail
Undergraduate Biophysics

Atahan Akdeniz
Undergraduate Chem Bio Engineering
[email protected]

Samia Balogun
Undergraduate Biophysics

Group Alumni

Hasini Sade
High School Intern 2023-2024 School year
Currently: Howard High School

Yiben Fu, PhD
Currently: Assistant Professor, Bioengineering, South China University of Technology

Yian Qian
Undergraduate Applied Math
Currently (2023): PhD Student, Applied Math, Brown

Ian Herzog-Pohl
DC High school student
Currently (2023): Undergrad at University of Pittsburgh

Zixiu (Hugh) Liu, MS
Masters Student, Chem and Biomolecular Engineering
Currently (2023): Industry

Nandan Kulkarni
Undergrad Math and Biology
Currently (2022): Grad Student at NYU Courant

Jackie Chang
Undergrad Biophysics
Currently (2022): Finance

Samantha Camp
Undergrad Biophysics
Currently (2022): JHU

Dr. Bhavya Mishra
Currently (2022): Postdoc at UC Merced

Spencer Loggia
Undergrad Computer Science
Currently (2023): PhD Student Neuroscience Brown/NIH

Adam Nachurski
Undergrad Biophysics
Currently (2021): PhD student at JHU Biophysics

Nomongo Dorjsuren
Undergrad Biophysics
Currently (2021): Stem Cell Researcher at USC

Dhruw Maisuria
Undergrad Biophysics and Applied Math
Currently (2021): Med School, MUSC

Yasmin Moghadamnia
Masters Biophysics
Currently (2021): Master’s program, Univ. Delaware

Chris Leung
Undergrad Biophysics
Currently (2022): Med School, Georgetown University

Meretta Hanson
Amgen Scholar, Summer 2019
Currently (2021): Neuroscience PhD program, Ohio State University

Dr. Matthew Varga
Currently (2021): Ambry Genetics

Dr. Sewwandi Rathnayake
Currently (2021): Postdoc, U. Nebraska Lincoln

Daisy Duan
Undergraduate Biophysics
Currently (2021): Biophysics PhD Program, Yale University

Nevonah Darden
Baltimore Polytech High School, BRBT Summer Intern 2019

Dr. David Holland
Graduate Student, Biomedical Engineering
Currently (2021): Postdoc, Elnitski Lab, NIH

Taqeeyah Cason
Western High School, BRBT Summer Intern 2018

Dr. Dariush Mohammadyani
Currently (2021): Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Athena Chen
Undergrad, Biophysics
Currently (2022): Completed PhD program, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

Mekhi Closson
Baltimore Polytech High School, BRBT Summer Intern 2017
Currently (2020): Howard University

Osman Yogurtcu
Currently (2021): FDA staff scientist

Benjamin Shapiro
Undergrad & Masters, Applied Math
Currently (2019): Med student, Brown University Medical School

Pei (Patrick) Xue
Undergraduate, Biophysics

Syed Raza ul-Haq
Postdoctoral Researcher

Group Photos

Goodbye Yiben!
Goodbye party for Yiben (and Ashlee!) Good luck with your new faculty position! Winter 2023
Group party with Ian
party+poker, spring 2023
group of people sitting in green folding seats at Orioles stadium
Orioles Game, Sept. 2022
IBR Retreat
IBR Retreat, Sept. 2022
people sitting and standing around a dining table
Group party, 2021
three people sitting on a rocky beach looking out at water
Pandemic excursion 2021
six people smiling on a lit-up city street
BPS San Diego 2020
a person taking a group selfie at a conference table
hackathon Fall 2019
group of people seated around a table with white tablecloth and wine glasses
Spring 2019
three women wearing badges and graduation cords
Good luck Ruchita and Daisy in grad school! May 2019
small group of people in front of columns and green trees
Summer 2018
lab group smiling in front of a greenboard
Spring 2018