Protein-protein interactions are the driving force for cellular processes ranging from signal transduction and nutrient uptake to gene transcription and cellular motility.  Our research focuses on understanding the mechanisms and cellular control of dynamic protein assembly for the proper functioning of the cell. We combine approaches from statistical mechanics, network theory, optimization and computational biology to build molecular scale and systems scale models of protein interactions in the cell.

Protein-protein interactions

A current focus is on protein self-organization in clathrin-mediated endocytosis. The plasma membrane acts as a platform both to assemble the multi-protein clathrin coat and to regulate and control the initiation and progression of vesicle formation. To study the spatial and temporal dynamics of this stochastic many-protein non-equilibrium assembly process, we develop new methods for reaction diffusion simulations with protein structure included.

News and Announcements

August 2019 Good luck to recent grad Daisy Duan in the Biophysics PhD program at Yale!

August 2019 Welcome new research technician Alexandra Gross!

July 2019 Welcome new post-doc Bhavya Mishra!

July 2019 Congratulations to Maggie for being awarded an NIH MIRA!

July 2018  Welcome new post-doc Yi-Ben Fu!

June 2018 Welcome BRBT summer high-school student Taqeeyah to the group!

June 2018 Welcome Yasmin Moghadamnia as a new graduate student to the group!

May 2018 Congratulations to Maggie for winning an NSF CAREER Award from the Chemistry division!

Dec 2017 Congratulations to Dr. David Holland for defending his dissertation and receiving his PhD in Biomedical Engineering!