The Johnson Lab is involved with two JHU Outreach programs dedicated to enhancing STEM education and exposure to Baltimore City Elementary School Students and Teens.

  1. STEM Achievement for Baltimore Elementary Schools (SABES)

We participate in the Afterschool SABES program. We currently (2024) are the mentor team for 3rd graders at Margaret Brent Elementary School.

three kids in red shirts
Margaret Brent 4th graders at the STEM showcase with their student driven project, Spring 2017.

Computers in Biology and Chemistry

Our website for the MIT Scratch-based computer programming module we developed for the SABES after school program. This site provides an educational resource for teaching 3-6th grade students about computers in science through simulations and animations, and the curriculum we developed for a 10-lesson introduction to computer programming through Scratch.

Check out our latest animations for our 2023-2024 school year

an elementary school kid working on a laptop
Margaret Brent students working hard on their Scratch Animations after school! Jan 2020.

2.   Biophysics Research for Baltimore Teens (BRBT)

Our lab has hosted students in Summers 2017-2019 from Baltimore City high schools Baltimore Polytechnic and Western for summer research.