Cambridge University Book Series

Profs. Galambos and Franco Amatori serve as co-editors of the Cambridge University Press series: “Comparative Perspectives in Business History.” This prestigious series serves as a vehicle for the publication of research from IAEGHSBE.

Barry Naughton and Kellee S. Tsai, State Capitalism, Institutional Adaptation, and the Chinese Miracle (2015).
(ISBN 9781107081062)

Giovanni Dosi, Alfonso Gambardella, Marco Grazzi, and Luigi Orsenigo, The Third Industrial Revolution in Global Business (2013).
(ISBN 978-0-1-1070-2861-6)

Patrizia Battilani and Harm G. Schroter, The Cooperative Business Movement, 1950 to the Present (2012).
(ISBN 978-1-1070-2898-2)

Louis Galambos, Takashi Hikino, and Vera Zamagni, The Global Chemical Industry in the Age of the Petrochemical Revolution (2007).
(ISBN 0-521-87105-0)

Franco Amatori and Geoffrey Jones, Business History Around the World (2003).
(ISBN 0-521-82107-X)

Pier Angelo Toninelli, The Rise and Fall of the State-Owned Enterprise in the Western World (2000).
(ISBN 0-521-78081-0)

Currency Board Book Series

*Some of the following books and documents may be cross-listed under the webpage Studies in Applied Economics.

Steve H. Hanke (Ed.), Currency Boards: Volume 1. Theory and Policy (2020).
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Steve H. Hanke (Ed.), Currency Boards: Volume 2. Studies on Selected European Countries (2020).
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Steve H. Hanke and Kurt Schuler, دليل مجالس النقد في البلدان النامية. Published by the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies.
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Steve H. Hanke and Kurt Schuler, Gelişmekte Olan Ülkeler İçin Para Kurullari El Kitabi (2019).
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Steve H. Hanke and Kurt Schuler, مروري بر ادبيات تاریخی جریانهاي غيراصلی پول هيئتهای پولي
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Steve H. Hanke and Kurt Schuler, Currency Boards for Developing Countries: A Handbook (Revised Edition, 2015).
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Steve H. Hanke and Kurt Schuler, Juntas Monetarias para países en desarrollo: Dinero, inflación y estabilidad económica (Second Edition, 2015).
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Warren Coats, One Currency for Bosnia: Creating the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2007).
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Steve H. Hanke and Kurt Schuler, Alternative Monetary Regimes for Jamaica (1995).
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Steve H. Hanke, Lars Jonung, and Kurt Schuler, Russian Currency and Finance (Russian Translation) (1993).
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Steve H. Hanke and Kurt Schuler, Currency Reform for a Market-Oriented Cuba​ (1992).
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Kurt Schuler, Currency Boards (1992)
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Chwee-Huay Ow-Taylor, The Currency Board Monetary System–The Case of Singapore and Hong Kong (1985).

Other Institute Books

Christopher L. Culp & Steve H. Hanke, The Hong Kong Linked Rate Mechanism (2022).

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(ISBN: 9786257501170)

Steve H. Hanke, “Basel rules and the banking system: an American perspective,” in Money in the Great Recession: Did a Crash in Money Growth Cause the Global Slump? (2013) by Tim Congdon.

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(ISBN: 9781784717827)

Louis Galambos, Eisenhower: Becoming the Leader of the Free World (2017).

(ISBN 9781421425047)

Louis Galambos and Jeffrey L. Sturchio, Noncommunicable Diseases in the Developing World (2013).

(ISBN 9781421412924)