Neurogenetics and Behavior Center

Neurogenetics and Behavior Center Facilities
Our facilities, at approximately 2,170 square feet, are dedicated to behavioral testing that focuses on three behavioral modules that contain more than 15 testing systems capable of running hundreds of protocols. The Center incorporates commercially available equipment as well as specially designed and customized testing equipment specifically built for our Center. The combination of commercially available and customized equipment promotes the development of innovative behavioral paradigms and protocols for assessing behavioral phenotypes in three broad functional domains: Cognition, Affective, and Sensorimotor processes. Most of the behavioral tasks carried out in our state-of-the art and high throughput facility are video monitored and recorded.

Below are examples of just some of the state-of-the-art equipment we use to implement our innovative behavioral assessments in each of the 3 modules:

Cognitive Module
Assess functions of learning, memory, and attention

Affective Module
Assess emotional and motivational functions

Sensorimotor Module
Focuses on processes of sensorimotor integration