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The Gallagher Lab is no longer accepting undergraduate applications for credit for Spring 2024

General Inquiries for JHU Enrolled Undergraduates:

The lab accepts applications starting in August for the new academic year.  Please submit a letter of interest, resume/CV, transcript and current schedule to Lindsay Collins for consideration. Additionally, please note if you are seeking credit for your research.

Important note for JHU students seeking credit in the lab: 1 credit hour equals 40 hours of work per semester. During a 14-week semester, that equates to nearly 3 hours a week. Therefore 2 credits is 80 hours a semester/6 hours a week, and 3 credits is 120 hours/9 hours a week. Do pay close attention to your independent research requirements (be it in neuroscience or in psychological and brain sciences). We expect that not only will you complete the required amount of hours during the semester, but you are also required to write and submit to Dr. Gallagher’s office a written report per the directions of your major. Since those who sign up under neuroscience are required to get your paper signed by your research supervisor and submitted during your Scientific Communication Exit Session, it is particularly important that you make sure you also formally submit the same paper to Lindsay Collins to ensure grading. All final papers are due on the first day of the exam period.

Graduate Students:

The Gallagher Lab is not anticipating enrolling additional Graduate Students in 2022.

Learn more about the graduate program in Psychological and Brain Sciences

Postdoctoral Positions:

The Gallagher Lab is no longer accepting applications for a postdoctoral research fellow.

Staff Positions:

The Gallagher Lab does not have any staff positions available. To see all opportunities at Johns Hopkins University, click here.

For Visiting Students:

(not JHU enrolled students)

Follow the instructions above and submit to Lindsay Collins for consideration. If selected to perform research in our laboratories you will need to complete a Visiting Student Application, two letters of recommendation and one official transcript. Read instructions and policies for the visiting student process.

For Volunteers:

The Gallagher Lab will not be accepting volunteers for Summer 2022

(not JHU enrolled students)

For all Homewood volunteers, the following requirements apply:

  1. Each potential volunteer must sign the Risk and Waiver of Liability Form and the Volunteer Application.
  2. If the volunteer seeks to serve in connection with a high school internship program, he/she is responsible for having his/her school send two letters of recommendation.
  3. Acceptance of a volunteer is subject to a satisfactory reference check and a criminal background check for those aged 18 and over.
  4. Individuals who had volunteered in the same capacity previously and are now returning after a six month or longer break in assignment, must again complete the entire process set forth above.
  5. Volunteers must satisfactorily complete all applicable training and orientation prior to commencing activities at the School.
  6. A current volunteer whose duties materially change, or who wishes to commence a new volunteer assignment, must complete all forms and processes set forth above.

For more information on volunteering at Johns Hopkins University, please click here.

Review the requirements above and submit the Volunteer Application and the Risk and Waiver of Liability Form to Lindsay Collins for consideration. If selected to perform research in our laboratories you will need to complete the pre-entrance health requirements and provide 2 letters of recommendation and your unofficial transcript.