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Jane Lutken returns from University of Konstanz

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Jane Lutken has recently returned from Germany where she conducted research at the University of Konstanz in cooperation with Professor Bettina Braun at the “BabySpeechLab”. Research there is ongoing, thanks to the help of Research Assistants Carina Haase and Naomi Reichmann. This project was supported by an NSF (Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant), which she was… Read more »

Jane Lutken Receives NSF Research Grant

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Join us in congratulating fourth year PhD student Jane Lutken for receiving an NSF Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Award to pursue her research project on “Cross-Linguistic Investigations of Syntactic Creativity Errors in Children’s Wh-questions” in Germany next year. Being awarded such a grant on the first attempt is rare! Jane’s project will investigate children’s errors during production and comprehension of questions with… Read more »

New MA & PhD Students

The Language Acquisition Lab would like to welcome new MA student Victoria Cheng and new PhD student An Nguyen. Victoria earned her undergraduate degree in computer science at UCSD. Her research interests include first and second language acquisition, cognitive basis for language learning and processing, and bilingualism. An graduated from Truman State University in 2017… Read more »

Summer Research Assistant

This summer, the lab welcomes rising junior Laura Nugent as a new RA, investigating comparisons between Hungarian and American children’s questions. Laura’s interests include first and second language acquisition,   bilingualism, theoretical syntax, and neurolinguistics.

New Research Assistant

This year, the lab welcomes Caroline West as a new RA working on a project investigating German children’s questions as compared with American children’s questions. Caroline’s interests include first and second language acquisition, theoretical syntax, and lexical semantics. She is also tangentially interested in sociolinguistics, especially sociolinguistic prestige.

Forthcoming conference presentations in 2017

G. Legendre. What does early knowledge of Subject-Verb agreement in French look like? Keynote address, Biannual Meeting of Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition, September 2017. Lutken, C.J. and Omaki, A.  Production-Comprehension Asymmetry in Children’s Medial Wh-questions. BUCLD,  November, 2017.

Newest Publications

Buerkin-Salgado, A., J. Culbertson, G. Legendre, & T. Nazzi. In press. Competing Models of Liaison Acquisition: Evidence from corpus and experimental data. Language. Putnam, M, Legendre, G, & Smolensky, P. 2017. How constrained is language mixing in bi- and uni-modal production? Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism, 6 (6), 812-816. Invited commentary. Culbertson, J., E. Koulagina, N.… Read more »

Calling all kids!

The Language Acquisition Lab and the Language Processing and Development Lab at Johns Hopkins University are conducting a series of studies in your area about how children learn to talk and think like adults do. We’re looking for English-speaking or bilingual children, ages 1-10, to help us understand language development. Our various studies are set… Read more »

Welcome, Postdoctoral Researcher Elena Kulagina!

Elena Kulagina has just joined our research team, based out of the Université Paris-Descartes in France in the laboratory of Thierry Nazzi. She is contributing her experimental and linguistic expertise to our NSF-funded project on the crosslinguistic acquisition of verbal agreement and will be leading our French data collection efforts, though we hope to see her around… Read more »

BUCLD Presentations

This November, graduate student Lisa Hsin and professors Jennifer Culbertson and Géraldine Legendre joined collaborators Nayeli González-Gómez (UNAM, Merida), Isabelle Barrière (City University of New York – Brooklyn College), and Thierry Nazzi (University of Paris V, Laboratoire de Psychologie de Perception CNRS) in presenting their research, Revealing early comprehension of subject-verb agreement in Spanish, at the 38th Boston University Conference on Language Development (BUCLD) 2013.