The Language Acquisition Lab investigates how children learn the forms of their native languages using a variety of experimental paradigms, including preferential looking, head-turn preference, and interactive games. It’s a lot of fun!

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If you are a student who is interested in getting involved in one of our current research projects, and you have background experience in linguistics (in particular, syntax), please contact Géraldine Legendre.

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Jane Lutken returns from University of Konstanz

lutken headshot

Jane Lutken has recently returned from Germany where she conducted research at the University of Konstanz in cooperation with Professor Bettina Braun at the “BabySpeechLab”. Research there is ongoing, thanks to the help of Research Assistants Carina Haase and Naomi Reichmann. This project was supported by an NSF (Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant), which she was… Read more »