Principle Investigator

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Sarah A. Woodson

T.C. Jenkins Professor of Biophysics

Postdoctoral Researchers

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Jorjethe Roca

Ph.D., University of Illinois, Chicago

Using single-molecule microscopy to study how bacterial small RNAs find their correct targets in the presence of competing sRNAs and non-cognate targets

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Roumita Moulick

Ph.D., National Centre for Biological Sciences, TIFR, India

Interested in RNA-protein complexes involved in neurodegeneration and the biophysics of RNA and protein folding

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Yi-Lan Chen

Ph.D., National Taiwan University and Academia Sinica

Studying how rRNA is marked by snoRNP and how this modification modulates the ribosome synthesis

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Marina Kalinina

Ph.D., Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia

Interested in how yeast ribosome biogenesis is coupled to transcription

Graduate Students

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Daniel Yu
CMDB Program

B.S./M.Sc., National Taiwan University

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Yuan Lou
Jenkins Program

Working on characterizing ribozyme-based gene regulation during transcription

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Wilson Sun
Jenkins Program

B.S., Peking University

Focusing on using sm-FRET to study co-transcriptional assembly of rRNA

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Qilan Wei
Jenkins Program

Researching the impact of nucleoside modifications on ribosome assembly

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Brett O’Brien
CBI Program

B.S., Towson University

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Jonah Capella
CBI Program

B.A., Cornell University

Studying the biophysical basis of RNA phage replication