Group Members


Graduate Students

Research Scientists and Post-Docs


Post-doctoral Fellows and Research Scientists

  • Jun Ma (former postdoc; now at NRL): Stratospheric Transport
  • Luke Oman (former postdoc, now at NASA GSFC): Chemistry-Climate Coupling
  • Chaim Garfinkel (former postdoc, now faculty at Earth Science Institute, Hebrew University): Stratospheric Dynamics
  • Lei Wang (former postdoc, now at Columbia University): Stratospheric Dynamics
  • Rolando Olivas Saunders (former postdoc): Air Pollution
  • Valentina Aquila (former research scientist, now faculty at American University): Stratospheric Aerosols
  • Clara Orbe (former research scientist, now at NASA GISS): Atmospheric Transport
  • Will Sevoiur (former postdoc, now faculty at University Exeter): Stratosphere-Climate, Planetary Polar Vortices.
  • Huang Yang (former postdoc, now at UCLA): Atmospheric Transport

Graduate Students

  • Pingping Rong (PhD, 2002; now at Hampton University): Stratospheric Polar Vortices
  • Andrea Molod (PhD, 2003; now at NASA GSFC): Land-Atmosphere Coupling
  • Beatriz Funastu (PhD, 2005; now at LMD (Paris)): Tropical Intrusions and Convection
  • Hong Zhang (PhD, 2005; now at JPL): Ocean Transport Timescales
  • Ju-Mee Ryoo (PhD, 2009; now at NASA Ames): Tropospheric Humidity
  • Thando Ndarana (PhD 2010; now at South African Weather Service): Rossby Wave Dynamics
  • Scott Guzewich (PhD 2012; now at NASA GSFC): Mars Atmosphere
  • Chang Lang (PhD 2013): Tropospheric Chemistry
  • Jordan Thomas (PhD 2018; now at DOE): Ocean Heat and Carbon
  • Olga Tweedy (PhD 2018; now at Vanderbilt University): Stratospheric Transport
  • Anna Scott (PhD 2018; now in private industry): Urban Heat
  • Gaige Kerr (PhD 2020; now at George Washington University): Tropospheric Air Pollution
  • Molly Menzel (PhD 2021; now at NASA GISS): Tropospheric Circulation

Undergraduate Students

  • Margret Hurwitz (2003) – PhD, Atmospheric Chemistry, University of Cambridge
  • Kathleen Schiro (2011) – now in PhD Program at UCLA
  • Arielle Alpert (2012) – now in PhD Program at Rutgers
  • Chloe Gao (2013) – now in PhD Program at Columbia University
  • Ziwei He (2017) – now at Stanford University