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Postdoc Vacancy

We have a post-doctoral position in urban atmospheric chemistry. The successful candidate will participate in a NASA-funded project to use in-situ data from a fixed network and mobile lab and data from the new NASA TEMPO satellite instrument to quantify the disparities in heat and air pollutants, and their impacts on health, within Baltimore City....

Sally Zhang moves to faculty position

After three years in our group assistant research scientist Sally Zhang has moved to a new tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at the University of Nevada, Reno. Sally will be missed but this is great opportunity. Good luck.

Two (very different) papers published

Elle’s paper on polar clouds on titan has just been published, as has a paper I led on near-surface humidity variations within Baltimore city. Two very different topics.

Weather Stations

If you are wondering what I have been spending time on for last 6 or months, check out this web page describing new project installing weather stations across Baltimore City. This is part of the Baltimore Social Environmental Collaborative (BSEC)

Website Updated

After a long hiatus, the website has been updated. It is still a work in progress.

A flurry of publication activity this month

Papers on “Indoor heat exposure in Baltimore“, “Arctic atmospheric transport and the Hadley Cell“, and “Surface ozone-meteorology relationship” have appeared, and a paper on “Southern Ocean overturning circulation” has been accepted.

Paper on Ocean Response Times

A paper on the response times of the Southern Hemisphere subtropical oceans to respond to changes in the westerly winds has just appeared in JGR Oceans.

Congratulations Dr Kerr

Gaige Kerr presented and defended his PhD thesis “Elucidating the relationships between surface-level ozone and meteorology” online this afternoon. Congratulations Gaige on outstanding presentation and thesis. I will add a link to the presentation.