Our main research interests are oriented towards understanding dynamics and transport in the atmosphere and oceans. Research in the atmosphere focuses on stratospheric and upper tropospheric dynamics/transport. Improved understanding of, and ability to model, fluid motions in these regions is important for understanding the distribution of trace constituents, such as ozone, and for assessing the impact of human activities on the atmospheric environment. Ocean research focuses on ocean stirring and ventilation (surface to interior transport), and the oceanic uptake of anthropogenic carbon.

In recent years our research interests have expanded to include the atmosphere of Mars and the connections between particular matter and urban heat on public health (in collaborations with colleagues at the School of Public Health).

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News & Announcements

Paper in Nature

Paper on pause in Southern Hemisphere circulation trends appeared in Nature. Here is the article and perspective by Alexey Karpechko.

Website Updated

Information on the website has been updated. Lets hope I am better at doing this in 2020 than I was in 2019.