General Schedule

An example of a perceptual experiment in human infants based on the time they look at a toy

Scientific foundations will be held from 4 – 6 on Tuesdays, GRE prep and Grad School applications from 5 – 7 on Wednesdays and Thursdays. All other time (~9 – 5) will be spent conducting research in mentor labs.

WeekResearchScientific Foundations CourseGraduate Application Prep
1Orientation, ResearchAnimal Welfare, Ethics & Lab safety, Searching the literature. 
2ResearchExperimental design and statistics primer.Grad School Application Overview
3ResearchReading, organizing and citing the scientific literature.Statements of purpose
4ResearchHow to make effective oral presentationsResearch Statements
5ResearchStudent Presentations 
6ResearchPoster DesignCVs
8ResearchPoster lab 
10Posters and talksDesigning your next experiment, session reflection