Faculty Mentors

Image of an octopus used in Dr. Dolen's research
MentorDepartmentJHU LocationResearch Area
Kishore KuchibhotlaPsychological and Brain SciencesHomewood CampusNeural basis for social facilitation of learning (mouse)
Justin HalberdaPsychological and Brain SciencesHomewood campusVisual working memory and attention and comparing human behavior to machine learning algorithms
Michael OsmanskiBiomedical EngineeringSchool of MedicineAuditory processing of communication in primates
Lydia HopperMolecular and Comparative PathobiologySchool of MedicinePrimate behavior, social learning and animal welfare.
Shreesh MysorePsychological and Brain SciencesHomewood CampusCircuit and cellular mechanisms of cognition (mouse and owl)
Lisa FeigensonPsychological and Brain SciencesHomewood campusCognition in infants and young children (note Justin Halberda is also PI for the Lab for Child Development)
Daniel O’Connor Mind Brain InstituteHomewood CampusNeural circuits for active touch (mice, primates)
Cynthia MossPsychological and Brain Sciences, Behavioral BiologyHomewood CampusAcoustic communication, sensory integration and perception (bats)
Christopher KrupenyePsychological and Brain Sciences, Behavioral BiologyHomewood CampusCognition and reasoning abilities of dogs, chimpanzees, and humans; animal intelligence; human uniqueness
Maya OpendakNeuroscienceSchool of MedicineDevelopment of social behavior (rats)
Dr. Bohn working with a bat