Our vision is that every member of the group belongs here, and we strive to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and respected because of all the identities that they bring. We encourage everyone to be open with all of their color. In this way, we all benefit, and it makes us a stronger team.

Group Climate

Prof. Hernandez is committed to creating a group environment that values the diversity of experiences and perspectives that all members bring. Everyone here has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. We believe fostering an inclusive climate is important because research and our experience shows that when we interact with peers who are different from ourselves, we learn new things and experience tangible research and learning outcomes. Please join us in creating a welcoming and vibrant climate in our research group.


All members of the group are expected to treat and be treated with respect by Prof. Hernandez, and each other.

Note that you should expect to be challenged intellectually and respectfully by your PI, visitors, and your peers. At times, this may feel uncomfortable. Indeed, it can be helpful to be pushed in order to learn and grow. But at no time in this growth process should someone be singled out or treated unequally on the basis of any seen or unseen part of their identity.


Harassment will not be tolerated. It is simply wrong. It harms the victims, it harms the bystanders, and it harms the perpetrators.

If you encounter any such behavior in our group or on our campus, please refer to the JHU Policy on the web, first. Thereafter, please bring it to the attention of Prof. Hernandez when you are comfortable doing so. Note that depending on the issue, he is obligated to report according to that policy. So you will need to be careful what exactly you report to Prof. Hernandez unless you willing to report to the Office of Institutional Equity. He will nevertheless, do everything within the law to help you.

Disability Equity

If you are in any way hampered in your success because of accommodations that do not address a particular unique ability (or disability), please contact Prof. Hernandez in private or e-mail so that he may provide the appropriate accommodations.

Any member of the group with a disability who may need accommodations is also welcome and encouraged to contact Student Disability Services, 385 Garland, (410) 516-4720, [email protected].

Mental Health

If you are struggling with anxiety, stress, depression or other mental health related concerns, please consider visiting the JHU Counseling Center. If you are concerned about a friend, please encourage that person to seek out their services. The Counseling Center is located at 3003 North Charles Street in Suite S-200 and can be reached at 410-516-8278 and online at http://studentaffairs.jhu.edu/counselingcenter/