Headshot photo

Dr. Clyde Daly, Jr.

Post Doctoral Student (July ’18 – June ’20)

 After : Assistant Professor, Haverford College

Dr. Dontarie Stallings

Research & Program Manager, OXIDE (January’15 – December’19)

After: Assistant Teaching Professor (Tenure-track), UCSD

Headshot photo

Dr. Srikant Iyer

Assistant Research & Program Manager, OXIDE (March’15 – December19)

Dr. Ali Rahnamoun

Post Doctoral Student (July ’16-October ‘19)

Dr. Yutaka Nagahata

Post Doctoral Student (July ’16-October ‘19)

Dr. Rakesh Singh

Post Doctoral Student (October ’16-February ‘19)

After: Assistant Professor, IISER Tirupati

Headshot photo

Dr. Caley Allen

Post Doctoral Student (June ’13-May ‘18)

Headshot photo

Dr. Andrej Junginger

Post Doctoral Student (March’15 – February’16)
Feodor Lynen Research Fellow, Humboldt Foundation (March’15 – February’16)

Headshot photo

Dr. Dwight McGee

Visiting Post Doctoral Student (January’14 – April’15)
Information Analyst, OXIDE (June’14 – April’15)

Headshot photo

Dr. Shannon Watt

Research & Program Manager, OXIDE (August’12 – October’14)

Headshot photo

Dr. Svetlana Khokhlova

Post Doctoral Student (February’13 – March’15)

Headshot photo

Dr. Inga Ulusoy

Post Doctoral Student (September’12 – January’15)
Feodor Lynen Research Fellow, Humboldt Foundation (January’13 – December’14)

After : Feodor Reurn Fellow, Leibnize Institute for Innovative Microelectronics

Headshot photo

Dr. Douglas C. Viehman

Post Doctoral Student (October’08 – January’10)

Headshot photo

Dr. Shi Zhong

Post Doctoral Student (’03 – ’06)
Research Scientist (2010)

After : Bioinformatics Scientist at the MLSCN, Mathematician, Vision Gaming and Technology, Metrics Analyst, Combest, Inc.

Headshot photo

Dr. Thomas Bartsch

Post Doctoral Student in Uzer Group (’04 – 06)

After : Lecturer at Loughborough University

Headshot photo

Dr. Edward Valeev

CCMST Research Scientist (’00 – 06)

After : Professor at Virginia Tech

Headshot photo

Dr. Eli Hershkovitz

Post Doctoral Student (00 – 02)

After : Research Scientist in the Hernandez and Williams groups, Georgia Tech

Headshot photo

Dr. Frank Somer Jr.

Post Doctoral Student (’97 -’99)

After : Associate Professor at Columbia, College, MO


Headshot photo

Aeryal Herrod

Faculty Support Coordinator (’14 – ?)

Headshot photo

Dione Morton

Faculty Support Coordinator (’12 – ’13)

Headshot photo

Alicia Gardner-Aben

Faculty Support Coordinator (’10 – ’12)

Headshot photo

Kourtnie A. Robin

Faculty Support Coordinator (’09 – ’10)

Headshot photo

Carmen Rivera

Administrative Assistant (’08 – ’09)


Headshot photo

Benjamin D. Mahala

Ph.D. Student (Summer’11- December ‘19)

Headshot photo

Gene Chong

Ph.D. Student (June’14 – June’19)

Headshot photo

Hailey Rhea Bureau

Ph.D. Student (Summer ’12- June ‘17)

Headshot photo

Dr. Galen T. Craven

Post Doctoral Student (January’15 – May’15)
Ph.D. Student (’09 – ’14)

After : PostDoc with Abe Nitzan at University of Pennylvania

Headshot photo

Ryan Bucher

M.S. (Summer ’12-December’14)

Headshot photo

Dale R. Merz, Jr.

Graduate Student (’11-’13)

Headshot photo

Dr. Matthew Hagy

Ph.D. Student (’08 – ’13)

After : Data Scientist, LiveRamp

Headshot photo

Dr. Ashley Tucker

Ph.D. Student (’05 – ’11)

After : PostDoc with Mark Stevens at Sandia National Laboratories

Headshot photo

Dr. Gungor Ozer

PostDoc (’11)
Ph.D. Student (’04 – ’11)

After : PostDoc with Tom Keyes at Boston University

Headshot photo

Dr. John Gohres

Ph.D. Student (’04-’08)

After: Process Engineer, Evonik Industries (formerly known as Degussa Corp)

Headshot photo

Dr. Yanping Qin

Ph.D. Student (’02 – ’07)

After: Lecturer, University of Texas, Dallas

Headshot photo

Dr. Jeremy Moix

Ph.D. Student (’02-’07)

After: PostDoc with Prof. Eli Pollak at the Weizmann Institute of Science (’07-’10). PostDoc with Prof. Jianshu Cao at MIT (’10-?)

Headshot photo

Dr. Charu Shukla nee Pandey

Ph.D. Student (’02 – 07)

Now: Chemical Engineer/Operator, Southwest Research Institute

Headshot photo

Dr. C. Rebecca Locker

Ph.D. Student (’97 – 03)

After: PostDoc with Prof. Steve Harvey at Georgia Tech

Now: Member of Technical Staff, ExxonMobil

Headshot photo

Dr. Tricia Shepherd

Ph.D. Student (’97 – 02)

After: Professor at Westminster College

Headshot photo

Dr. Marc T. Vogt

Ph.D. Student (’96 – 02)

After: PostDoc with Prof. Lila Gierasch at U.Mass, Amherst

Later: Research Scientist, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Headshot photo

Saurov Hazarika

M.S.E 2019

Georgia Tech logo

Meserret Zekarias

Graduate Research Student (August’14 – ?)

Headshot photo

Denise Enekwa

M.S.E (’07 – ’10)

Headshot photo

Megan Damm

Graduate Student (’07 – ’09)

Headshot photo

Joanna Balsamo

M.S.? (’03 – 05)

After : Graduate program at University of Southern California (USC)

Headshot photo

James Doto

1st year chemistry (’03 – 04)

After : Mathematics Ph.D. program at Georgia Tech

Headshot photo

Amy Overmyer

M.S. (’01 – 03)

After : H.S.Teacher at St. Louis, MO


Photo of Ethan Kim

Ethan Kim

Undergraduate Research Student (? – ?)

Headshot photo

Abigail Lewis

Undergraduate Research Student (January’15 – ?)

Headshot photo

Stephanie Jennings

Undergraduate Research Student (August’14 – ?)

Headshot photo

Chiamaka U Ukachukwu

Undergrad Researcher (Georgia Tech’13) (September’12 – May’13)

Headshot photo

Melissa Mueller

REU Student (Summer ’12)

Headshot photo

Paul Grzybowski

Undergrad (Spring’08)

Georgia Tech logo

Karan Daftary

Undergrad (Spring’08)

Headshot photo

Alana Canfield

Undergrad, REU Summer’06, BS Clark University

After : Graduate School at U.Michigan in Chemistry

Headshot photo

Jay Foley

Undergrad, PURA Spring’05, BS Georgia Tech’06

After : Graduate School at U.Chicago in Chemistry

Headshot photo

Aliyi Aliyi

Undergrad, AURA’04, AA Georgia Perimeter College’05

Headshot photo

Olaronke Olubajo

Undergrad, REU ’04, BS Georgia Tech’05

Headshot photo

Nga “Crystal” Nguyen

Undergrad, REU ’04, BS Mt. Holyoke’05

After : Graduate School at Brown in Chemistry

Headshot photo

Justin Melvin

Undergrad, REU ’03, BS Georgia Tech ’04

After : Graduate School at Georgia Tech in ISyE

Georgia Tech logo

Zubin Master

Undergrad, Spring ’03, BSE Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech logo

Chad Hladick

Undergrad, REU ’02, BS U. Kansas ’03

After : Graduate School at Georgia Tech (MS’05)

Georgia Tech logo

Joyce Noah

Undergrad, REU ’00, BS NYU ’01

After : Graduate School at Stanford in Chemistry (DOE Fellowship)

Georgia Tech logo

Hugh Hopper

Undergrad, REU ’99

Georgia Tech logo

Johanna Miller

Undergrad, REU ’98, BS Duke ’99

After : Graduate School at U.Chicago in Physics (NSF Fellowship)

Georgia Tech logo

Heather Bean

Undergrad, REU ’97, BS Georgia Tech ’99

After : Tech at Merck, GT Ph.D. student (’02-present)