AS.030.601 – Statistical Mechanics
An introduction to statistical mechanics of cooperative phenomena using lattice gases [liquids] and polymers as the main models. Covered topics: phase transitions and critical phenomena, scaling laws, and the use of statistical mechanics to describe time dependent phenomena.
(Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Spring 2020, Spring 2021, Spring 2022)

AS.030.301 – Physical Chemistry I
The laws of thermodynamics, their statistical foundation, and their application to chemical phenomena. Students should have knowledge of general physics, general chemistry, and calculus (two semesters recommended). Freshmen by permission only. 
(Fall 2018)

AS.030.114 – Freshman Seminar: The Making of a Chemist
Students will be introduced to professional culture and practice in academic and industrial chemical research laboratories. Through reading and analysis of a few series of seminal papers from the 1800’s to the present leading to Nobel Prizes in Chemistry or Physics, students will learn how scientific inquiry and writing has evolved over time. Through discussion and practice, students will learn how to communicate chemistry in social media, scientific publications, scientific talks, and public lectures.
(Fall 2016)

AS.030.101 – Introductory Chemistry I
The course includes concepts of atomic structure, the periodic system, chemical bonding, nomenclature, stoichiometry, weight relationships, gases, liquids and solids, solutions, chemical reactions, thermodynamics and equilibrium.
(Fall 2020, Fall 2021)