Pedagogical tool and documentation for ocean fluxes

Monitoring ocean fluxes of mass, heat, and freshwater is an essential part of physical oceanography. For example, we see decadal fluctuations in the strength of the currents in the northern North Atlantic Ocean. These changes cause more or less heat and salt to gather in the Iceland Sea, west of the UK and Ireland. But there are pitfalls in diagnosing fluxes of heat and freshwater and care is required to avoid ambiguous interpretations and conclusions. Therefore, Tom has created a pedagogical tool and documentation to explain the pitfalls and promote best practices.

The tool consists of four pieces:

  • An interactive standalone application to demonstrate how fluxes of mass, heat, and freshwater are computed, and how to interpret them.
  • A YouTube video showing how to use the application with guidance on best practice.
  • A poster from the 2023 ASOF Workshop.
  • Theory notes in a comprehensive document with details and references, plus suggestions for best practices.

Check out these resources here.