New NSF project on impacts freshwater on the subpolar North Atlantic Ocean

2016 SPNA salinity

Tom has been awarded a new NSF grant entitled “Impacts of Arctic freshwater export on the subpolar North Atlantic Ocean circulation“.

This study seeks to understand how the melting of Arctic ice and extra Arctic precipitation can influence the ocean currents in the North Atlantic. The study also asks how much of the Arctic meltwater and precipitation can be attributed to humans (anthropogenic influence)?  The project will use verified and tested ocean models to determine the fate of Arctic water and the sources of unusually fresh water in the subpolar North Atlantic. Arctic waters will be tracked with several novel approaches, including artificial intelligence. For broader impacts, the project will provide understanding on the changes in the Arctic attributable to humans and their impact on the North Atlantic currents. These changes should influence global climate through the weakening of the climate-related Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation. The project will support one graduate student and undergraduate students in research experiences.

The project involves collaboration with Anand Gnanadesikan and builds on work by graduate students Ali Siddiqui and Wenrui Jiang.