Welcome to the Greenberg group, where synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry, biochemistry, as well as molecular and cell biology are used to study nucleic acids.

Greenberg lab group of students

Research projects in our group include: nucleic acid chemistry in nucleosomes, DNA and RNA damage, DNA repair, photochemical control of nucleic acids, sensors for DNA lesions, DNA repair inhibitors and radiosensitizing agents.

Images of DNA and RNA representing research in the Greenberg Group

We are accepting graduate students and postdoctoral associates. Postdoctoral applicants should submit an introductory letter, CV, research summary, and pdfs of manuscripts submitted and/or accepted for publication to Professor Greenberg at mgreenberg -at-jhu-dot-edu.

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Postdoctoral positions available

Two postdoctoral positions are available for scientists interested in working at the interface of organic chemistry, biochemistry and molecular & cellular biology.