This page lists students, postdocs and others who have contributed to CLASS and moved onto other projects and careers. For these CLASS Alumni, we provide, when available, the next role they went on to play after CLASS. These roles span academia, industry, and government.

A major mission of CLASS is to train the next generation of scientists and engineers, and we are proud to have played a role in fostering the careers of these talented individuals.

InstitutionNameRoleWhere did they go after CLASS?
Goddard Space
 Flight Center
David ChussResearch ScientistVillanova University
Eric CroweEngineer
Felipe Colazo
Nathan LourieUndergraduateUniversity of Pennsylvania
Johns Hopkins
 University logo1945
Aamir AliPhDUC Berkeley
Austin GranmoeUndergraduate
Connor HenleyUndergraduate ThesisMIT
David LarsonPostdocAerospace Industry
Deniz Augusto Nunes ValleUndergraduate
Dominik GothePhDIndustry
Duan LiUndergraduateCornell University Aerospace Engineering PhD
Emily WagnerUndergraduate ThesisJohns Hopkins University Computer Science
Fletcher BooneUndergraduate ThesisU.S. Navy
Ian LowryGraduate
Julia ChavarryUndergraduate
Lindsay LowryUndergraduate ThesisUC San Diego
Gary RhoadesUndergraduate ThesisPenn State Acoustics Engineering Master's
Gilberto Batisti, JuniorUndergraduate
Grace MumbyUndergraduate ThesisUniversity of Pennsylvania
Halley CromleyUndergraduateTeaching in France
Jordan HoffmanUndergraduate
Lance CorbettUndergraduate ThesisUC Berkeley Physics PhD
Lauren AldorotyUndergraduateTexas A&M University Astronomy
Lingzhen ZengPhDSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Mackenzie MillsUndergraduate
Madi AbelsonUndergraduate
Manwei ChanUndergraduate ThesisMIT Aerospace Engineering PhD Program
Matthew PetroffUndergraduate ThesisJohns Hopkins University
Marie HepferUndergraduate
Max AbitbolUndergraduate ThesisColumbia University
Nicholas MehrleUndergraduate ThesisMIT Physics PhD Program
Qinan WangPhD
Ted GrunbergUndergraduate ThesisMIT
Tiffany WeiUndergraduate ThesisInformation-Technology Industry
Thomas Essinger-HilemanPostdocNASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Trevor Van EngelhovenPhD
Tucker BrownellUndergraduate
Wenli MoUndergraduate
Zhilei XuPhDUniversity of Pennsylvania
Zhuo ZhangUndergraduate ThesisUniversity of Chicago
Claire Schmidt
Elizabeth Johnson (UG)Undergraduate
Marco SaglioccaUndergraduateNASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Amber Miller
Giles Novak
Michael Greason
Michele Limon
Thomas Stevenson
Nicholas CostenStaff
Leah BermanUndergraduate
Vincent MotuloUndergraduate
Riley McCartenUndergraduate
Tina NguyenUndergraduate
Diva ParekhUndergraduate Thesis, Johns Hopkins University Computer Science