Graduate Students

Johns Hopkins University:

Danielle Bautista“Enzyme Generated Aza-Quinone Methides and their Subsequent Alkylation of Biomolecules”2022Scientist, Nurix
Anton Kozyryev“A Search for the Rate Determining Step of Iodotyrosine Deiodinase Catalysis and Minimal Requirement for Enzyme Catalyzed Deiodination”2020Scientist, Regeneron
Qi Su“A Deiodinase Branches Out: Reduction of Nitroaromatics to Facilitate Bioremediation and Debromination in Drosophila to Control Male Fertility”2019Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, San Diego
Zuodong Sun“Engineering Iodotyrosine Deiodinase Towards Bioremediation of Halophenols and Characterization of a Unique Thermophilic Iodotyrosine Deiodinase from Thermotoga neapolitana”2019Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, Los Angeles
Shane Byrne“How DNA Packaging and Processing Proteins Affect Dynamic DNA Crosslinking”2019Postdoctoral Researcher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nattha Ingavat                “Characterization and Mutation of Iodotyrosine Deiodinase from Haliscomenobacter hydrossis for Detoxification of Iodophenols”  2017Downstream Process Development Senior Supervisor. Abinis, Thailand
Blessing Deeyaa               “Conjugation of Monofunctional Quinone Methides to DNA Ligands for Promotion of Reversible Alkylation”2017Scientist, Southwest Research Institute, Utah
Abhishek Phatarphekar   “The Ubiquity of Iodotyrosine Deiodinase (IYD): Identification of its Signature Sequence and Functional Analysis in a Model Invertebrate”2016Senior Research Scientist, Reliance Industries Ltd Mumbai
Mark Hutchinson              “Development of Bifunctional Alkylating Agents for the Association and Migration along DNA”2016Scientist, AstraZeneca
Fazel Fakhari                    “Enhancing Diffusion of Electrons and Electrophiles in DNA”2014Endodontist, DDS

University of Maryland, College Park

Petrina Boucher                  “Use Of 2-Deoxyflavin Mononucleotide To Probe Substrate-Flavin Interactions Within Iodotyrosine Deiodinase”2015Coordinator at ICNA Relief
Shalini Saha                      “Dihydropyrrole Formation During Sibiromycin Biosynthesis”2015Associate Medical Director, Medical Strategy and Scientific Affairs at BGB
Jimin Hu                               “The Interplay of Substrate, Protein and Its Cofactor in Controlling the Catalytic Properties of Human Iodotyrosine Deiodinase”2014Scientist, College of Chemistry, Nankai University
Michael McCrane                 “Trapping Labile Adducts Formed Between an Ortho-Quinone Methide and DNA”2012Technical Advisor, Paul Hastings LLP
Chengyun Huang                  “Design and Synthesis of an Electron Rich Quinone Methide Precursor and Sequence Directed Alkylation of DNA”2012Scientist, Geological Engineering Investigation Institute of Sichuan
Jennifer Buss                        “Iodotyrosine Deiodinase from Selected Phyla Engineered for Bacterial Expression”2012CEO, Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
Yang Liu                                  “Target Alkylation of Single and Double Strand DNA by Peptide Nucleic  Acids”2011National Institute for Food and Drug Control, Beijing
Huan Wan                               “Reversible Quinone Methide Alkylation of DNA”2009Professor, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Nanjing University
Patrick M. McTamney        “Catalytic Features of the Iodine Salvaging Enzyme Iodotyrosine Deiodinase”2009CEO, new start up company
Neil P. Campbell                   “Investigation into the Driving Force Dependence of Excess Electron Transport in Duplex DNA”2009Associate Director, CryoLife
Amethist S. Finch                “Fundamentals of Excess Electron Transport in Biologically Relevant Systems”2008Associate For Strategy Development, DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory
Emily E. Weinert                  “Understanding Quinone Methide Reactivity:  Kinetics, Trapping and Substituent Effects”2006Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Penn State University
James A. Watson, Jr.           “Insight into the Structure and Mechanism of Iodotyrosine Deiodinase, the First Mammalian Member of the NADH Oxidase/Flavin Reductase Superfamily”2006Infrastructure Management Specialist at Chemical and Biological Defense ODASD
Willem Veldhuyzen              “Specificity of DNA Alkylation by Simple and Conjugated Quinone Methide Intermediates”2002
Jessica Friedman                    “Iodotyrosine Deiodinase:  Purification and Characterization”2001Associate Director, Biophysics & Assay Development at Arrakis Therapeutics
Matthew Holman                   “Determinants of UV-Induced Cyclobutane Pyrimidine Dimer Hot Spots in DNA”2000Director, Office of Science at the Center for Tobacco Products, FDA
Manvinder Wahi                   “Synthesis of Quinone Methide Precursors as Alkylating Agent”1999, M.S.
Praveen Pande                       “Inducible DNA Alkylation and Cross-Linking via Quinone Methide Intermediates”1998Director of Chemistry, Enzo Biochemistry
Madhushree Ghosh                “Carcinogenic Metal-Mediated Oxidation of Proteins and DNA”1998Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances and Projects, Pharma Services at NeoGenomics Laboratories

University of Stony Brook

Ning Tang                           “Probing DNA Conformation with Metal Complexes”1996Director, Global Strategic Account Management at Waters Corporation
Hui-Chen Shi                   “Binding Studies of DNA with Nickel Complexes”1996 Patent Attorney
Ping Zheng                            “Conformational Studies of Nucleic Acids with Metal Complexes”1996Senior Manager, Roche Molecular Systems
Qingping Zeng                        “Development of Inducible DNA Crosslinking Agents”1995 Chairman Board of Directors, ZPG Pharma Inc
Gurpreet Gill                           “Protein and Nucleic Acid Modification by Nickel”1993 Office of Lifecycle Drug Products, FDA
Hyunmin Kang                      “Photo-Induced Site Specific DNA Modification by Antisense Conjugates of Xanthone and 1,4-Dimethylanthraquinone”1993
Ute Hänsler                         “Intrinsic Reactivity of DNA Secondary Structure” 1993 Consultant, Business Constellations
Tianhu Li                               “Sequence Selective Modification of DNA with a Silyl Phenol Ether-Oligodeoxynucleotide Conjugate”1992Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University
Xiaoyan Ma                          “Characterization of Peroxidases by ortho-Substituted Phenols”1991Alza Corporation
Moneesh Chatterjee               “Site Specific Modification of Nucleic Acids”1991Bristol-Myers Squibb, retired
Elisa Woolridge                        “Development of Indole Analogues for the Study of Tryptophanase and Tryptophan Synthase”1990Associate Professor, Marist College

Postdoctoral Associates

Jonathan Musila 2017-2018 Former Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Pennsylvania (Rhoades Lab), in transition to an academic position
Arnab Mukherjee  2012-2014Scientist, Sensei Bio, Rockville MD
Watchalee Chuenchor 2011Scientist at NIH, NIAID
Kostyantyn Bobyk  2010-2012Senior Manager, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies, NJ
Ying Lin  2006-2008Review Chemist, FDA, College Park, MD
Cliff Rossiter  2005-2007Associate Prof., Dept. of Chemistry, SUNY Potsdam, NY
Mazen Hanbali  2005-2006Teacher, FormaScience, Strasbourg, France
Dalip Kumar  2002-2004Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, India
Emilia Modica, 2002-2003 Sojitz Corporation, Milan, Italy
Takeo Ito  2000-2003Deputy Director of the University Collaboration, Minister of Economy, Trade & Industry, Toyko, Japan
Qibing Zhou  1999-2002Prof., Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, PROC
Meinrado Samala 1999-2003
Xiang Zhou  1998-2001Prof. and Dean, College of Chemistry and Molecular Science, Wuhan University, PROC
Anne Johnson  1998-2000Assoc. Prof., Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, Canada
Munetaka Kunishima  1994-1996Prof. Dept. of Pharmacy, Kanazawa University, Japan

Visiting Scholars

Tuomas Lönnberg  2013-2014Fulbright Fellow, University of Turku, Finland
Seung Jae Lee 2009University of MD, Baltimore
Ravinder Kodela  2007-2008City College of New York
Alessandro Livieri  2007-2008University of Pavia
Juan Carlos Solis Sainz  2004-2005Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro
Lei Li  2003-2004Johns Hopkins University
Sunita Thyagarajan  2002-2004Johns Hopkins University
Kristi Humphreys 2000-2001 Johns Hopkins University
Xiaoying Chen 1990-1992 University of Stony Brook
Christian Kuber  1988-1989University of Tübingen
Maria Benincasa 1987

Undergraduate Research Associates

Johns Hopkins University

Keelin Reilly  2019-2021Corteva Agriscience
Idris Barakat (Amgen Scholar)  Summer 2019Postbaccalaureate CRTA Research Fellow at National Cancer Institute
Gregory Berumen (Leadership Alliance) Summer 2018 PhD program in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Vanderbilt University
Azam Hussein (Summer Greer Undergraduate Research Award)  2017-2019Ph.D. program, Univ. of Michigan
Forrest Hammel (Summer Greer Undergraduate Research Award) 2017-2019 Chemical Biology Ph.D program, Harvard
Carla Quiñones (Bio-REU, Leadership Alliance)  Summer 2017Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate at University of Maryland-Baltimore
Isabelle Engelberg  2015-2017Chemistry Biology Interface graduate student, UNC
Sierra Williams (Bio-REU)  Summer 2014Ph.D., Chemical Biology, UC Irvine, starting as an Asst. Prof. in the Department of Chemistry, Claremont Colleges
Obinna Wogu (Leadership Alliance)  Summer 2014MD from Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine

University of Maryland, College Park

Omer Ad, Howard Hughes Fellow  “Trapping Quinone Methide-2’-Deoxyadenosine Adducts”2010-2012 Scientist at Quantum-Si, CT
Yun-Yun (Kathy) Chen, Howard Hughes Fellow   “Anthracenes as donors for Excess Electron Transfer”2008-2010M.D., Anesthesiology
Yishan Zhou, Howard Hughes Fellow   “Iodotyrosine Deiodinase: Mutagenesis and Expression of Human IYD in E. coli and Identifying the Physiological Reductase”2007-2009Jane Coffin Childs Post-doctoral Fellow, Univ. of Berkeley, CA
Angel Li, Howard Hughes Fellow“Synthesis of DNA-Aminoanthracene Conjugates for Characterization of Excess Electron Transfer”2007-2008M.D.
Jennifer Gehret   “Expression and in vitro Refolding Studies of the Thioredoxin Fusion to Iodotyrosine Deiodinase”2005-2007Ph.D. U. of Michigan
Timothy J. Simons, Howard Hughes Fellow   “Optimizing the Efficiency of Excess Electron Transfer in DNA:  Studies on 1-aminoanthracene and 2-aminoanthracene”2005-2007M.D., Pediatrician
Musaddiq Awan, Rollinson Fellow2005
Chuck Mitchell Howard Hughes Fellow  “Reactivity of a Model Quinone Methide:  Substituent Effects and Trapping”2004-2006 Medical Doctor
Oz Scott Halpern  2003Medical Doctor
Ling Chen, Howard Hughes Fellow2003-2005Medical Doctor
Theresa Jackson, Howard Hughes Fellow2001
Kristen Frankenfield, Howard Hughes Fellow2001-2002Pharm. D., UCSF
David Lam, Howard Hughes Fellow2000-2003Medical Doctor
Eun Sun (Grace) Han, Howard Hughes Fellow1998-2000Medical Doctor
Helina Kassahun, Howard Hughes Fellow1997-1998Medical Doctor
Jason Shearer   “Development of a New Synthetic Method for Nickel Salen Derivatives and Analysis of Products Formed by Alkylation of DNA by a Quinone Methide Intermediate”1997-1998Semmes Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Trinity College, Texas
Jeannie Lee, Howard Hughes Fellow1995-1997

University of Stony Brook

Ilya Voloshin 1993
Felicia Malkiel  “The Formation of Thymine Dimers and the Role of DNA Structure”1992-1993
Carl Goodchild  1992-1993M.D., family medicine
William Greenberg   “Quinone Methide Alkylation of DNA”1990-1992NIH, Scientific Review Office
Stacey Shlachtman 1991
Mark Rivellese  “The Synthesis of ortho-Alkylated Tyrosine Derivatives”1989-1990 M.D., Ophthalmology
Jorge Kizer 1989M.D., Cardiology
Stephanie Dobbins  1989D.V.M., Veterinarian
William Wichrowski 1998
Mark Ackerman  “Oxidative Reactivities of Sequence Specific Oligonucleotides”1987-1988
Michael Sypes  “Site Specific Photo-Induced Modification of DNA”1987-1988
Minisha Thakore 1986-1987
Stacey Prusiewicz  “Oxidation Degradation of d(CG)6”1987
Michael Allehverdi1986
Barbara Schagawat1986