Media Coverage of Walk of Remembrance

Black woman with light-colored braids sings into microphone

Building on the January 2022 Ritual of Remembrance, the first Walk of Remembrance, co-organized by RIC Postdoctoral Fellow Jasmine Blanks Jones and Billie Holiday Project for Liberation Arts Community Arts Fellow Jeneanne Collins, received excellent media coverage, linked below.

This community gathering featured a monologue performance by JHU sophomore Yasmine Bolden, a tap dance performance by Brinae Ali, Inheritance Baltimore artist in residence, and an address by Charlie Dugger, Inheritance Baltimore elder in residence. There were also two interactive art installations led by Jeneanne Collins, Inheritance Baltimore community arts fellow.

Please check out the coverage:

Black woman in red shirt and blue jeans speaks into microphone in front of Black man holding drum

Jasmine Blanks Jones introduces Walk of Remembrance

Woman in gray jacket places white sheet of paper with name of enslaved person on red, green, and black flag draped over plinth
Installation of names of enslaved people who lived on the present-day Homewood campus at Harriet Tubman Grove
Elder Black man with gray beard in gold and maroon shirt speaks into microphone
Elder Dugger addresses crowd at Walk of Remembrance
Black woman with sparkly jacket and dress over jeans tap dances in front of decorated plinth
Brinae Ali tap dances at conclusion of Walk of Remembrance

All photos above by Will Kirk