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Popular articles, interviews, lectures, etc:

“Cosmologists cope with tensions, crises, and anxieties,” Into the Impossible podcast, 2023

“Black holes and other dark matters,” Public lecture at Space Telescope Science Institute, 4 December 2018

Interviewed about LIGO discovery on ABC2 News

Lecture on the Early Universe at the CMB@50 Workshop in Princeton, 12 June 2015

Interview for “Secrets from the Early Universe” episode of StarSpot podcast, 19 April 2015

  A Telegram from the Early Universe?  Public lecture given at the Space Telescope Science Institute, 11 November 2014

Beauty and Blemishes in the Universe, Heinz R. Pagels Lecture, Aspen Center for Physics, 22 August 2013

Interview for Aspen Physics Previews, 14 August 2013

  Interview for Planck Maps the Dawn of Time (EuroNews), 21 March 2013

  Interview on Kathleen Dunn show, Wisconsin Public Radio, 30 April 2013

   The Big Rip, a New Fate for the Universe?, public lecture given at IUCAA, Pune, 31 July 2008

     Scientific American article on the CMB and inflation

    Gravity Ripples Chased (Nature N&V article on LIGO results)

      Dark Matter and Dark Energy (a Nature Q&A article)


Elected to the US National Academy of Sciences

     Invited to give the Halley Lecture at Oxford University

     New York Times article on Early Dark Energy

     Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

    New Scientist article on LIGO and dark matter

    Elected Fellow of the International Society for General Relativity and Gravitation

     Recent postdoc Donghui Jeong (now at Penn State) awarded outstanding young researcher award (see p 11)

     2015 Dannie Heineman prize for Astrophysics

     Einstein Fellowship for Liang Dai

     Jens Chluba awarded Royal Society Fellowship

    PRL article on B-mode dust diagnostics selected for synopsis

    New Scientist article on dark energy from string axiverse

    Named Simons Foundation Investigator

     Inducted into Shaker Heights High School Hall of Fame

        Templeton grant to fund work in theoretical cosmology at JHU

     Graduate student Liang Dai awarded Price Prize

     News article on “pesky power asymmetry” work

     Elected member American Academy of Arts and Sciences

         JHU Physics and Astronomy department newsletter article on Kamionkowski’s research

     Scientific American article on dark matter and dark radiation

     New Scientist article on dark matter and radiation

     JPL press release on black hole in RZ2109

     Science news article on power asymmetry

     New Scientist article on power asymmetry

     Moore Center for Cosmology and Physics established

     First stars in Time magazine

     New York Times article on big rip

     Science News article on equivalence principle

Review Articles:

    The quest for cosmic B modes

    Physics of cosmic acceleration (review of dark energy)

    “Supersymmetric dark matter,” Jungman, Kamionkowski, and Griest, Phys. Rep. 267, 195 (1996) (15MB pdf)

    Typographical Errors for “Supersymmetric Dark Matter,” review

    The CMB and Particle Physics

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