Hopkins Pathways Program

The Hopkins Pathways Program is a joint initiative of the Billie Holiday Project for Liberation Arts and The Office of College and Career Readiness at Baltimore City Public Schools (BCPS).

woman at a blackboard in front of a classroom of college students

The goal of the Hopkins Pathways Program is to share the abundance of intellectual human resources at the Homewood campus with public secondary institutions by taking Hopkins undergraduate and graduate students to host sites to deliver high-intellectual content lectures. An additional goal is to increase the number of competitive applications to the JHU Baltimore Scholars program, especially from BCPS high schools with currently low participation rates in the scholarship program. Toward this end, Hopkins Pathways is designed to enhance communication and coordination between BCPS school counselors and JHU admissions officers, as well as provide information and college readiness support to BCPS students and families.

The activities and outcomes of the Hopkins Pathways program foster student access to JHU college students, faculty, and admissions staff; exposure to Homewood campus life; and contact with college-level courses, research, and teaching. In turn, by creating opportunities for BCPS’ best and brightest students to interact meaningfully with JHU admissions staff and other campus stakeholders, Hopkins Pathways gives visibility to the hidden talents and dynamic potential of city students that standard recruitment metrics often bypass. Program success is benchmarked in three ways:

  1. Improved trust between Baltimore schools and the University
  2. Greater equity and inclusion in the criteria, process, and award distribution of the Baltimore Scholars Program
  3. Consistent expansion of the Baltimore Scholars applicant pool