The Language and Cognition Lab, led by Barbara Landau, focuses on the nature and development of human knowledge of space and language. Visit our Research page to find out more about our current projects:

  • Spatial language
  • Spatial information and word learning
  • Spatial navigation after disorientation
  • Space, language, art, and brain
  • Language and thought

We are currently recruiting kids of all ages to participate in our studies!

News & Announcements

We are now recruiting for online studies!

The Language & Cognition Lab is now conducting several virtual studies for children ages 3-7! Click here for more information about participating!

New publication from the lab

A paper by Emory Davis and Barbara Landau, “Seeing and Believing: The Relationship between Perception and Mental Verbs in Acquisition”, was recently published in the journal Language Learning and Development.

Say Cheese!!

Language and Thought seminar online vidoechat photo

Prof. Barbara Landau took this ‘class picture’ of her online Language and Thought seminar. Prof. Landau says, “The students in this class have been AMAZING!— great presentations, great discussions, and all under (shall we say) ‘unusual’ circumstances. Their resilience and energy are wonderful to see!”