Student Receives Science of Learning Fellowship

Rennie Pasquinelli

Rennie Pasquinelli, a rising fourth year graduate student, was named the recipient of a Science of Learning Fellowship for 2021-22! The fellowship is funded by the Science of Learning Institute (SLI) at Johns Hopkins and it provides support for a stipend and tuition.

Selection as a fellow is an endorsement of Rennie’s research agenda which is focused on learning and recognizes her high level of performance in our program. Congratulations, Rennie!

Rennie began her research at the University of Michigan, where she studied language processing in children with cochlear implants. Since undergrad, she has been interested in atypical language development, and how we can use atypical development to understand typical development. Now, she is investigating the relationship between memory and tense learning in people with Williams syndrome (WS). She hopes this research will inform the complex relationship between memory and language in people with and without WS.