Experimental Facilities and Shared Facilities Available to Group Members

Fabrication and Processing

Sputter deposition

  • Four-source small chamber system
  • Four-source new chamber system
  • Six-source large chamber system with plasma and ion milling guns
  • Ten-source AJA system with e-beam evaporation chamber

Nova 600 Dual Beam focused ion beam

Lambda-Physik pulsed laser deposition system

Tubular furnaces (up to 1500°C)

Centorr tri-arc furnace

Spex 8000 high-energy ball mill

Perkin-Elmer UHV deposition system

Optical and electron beam lithography

X-ray Characterization

MRD dual beam x-ray diffraction system

MPD 4-circle x-ray diffraction system

Laue x-ray diffractometer

X-ray photoelectron spectrometer

Electron Microscopy Facilities

Amray 1860 FEG high resolution SEM

Zeiss EVO 50 SEM

Philips 420ST TEM

300 keV HRTEM with FEG and GIF

Surface Characterization Facilities

Tencor Thin film profilometer

Digital Instruments multimode AFM/MFM

STM tip etching and coating set-up

Perkin-Elmer LEED Auger surface analytical system

Measurement of Physical Properties

Quantum Design SQUID magnetometer

DMS model 10 vector vibrating sample magnetometer

DMS 1660 cryostat vibrating sample magnetometer

Magneto-transport properties

AC susceptometer

Point contact spectroscopy