Spectrometer bookings can be made on the core facilities instrumentation scheduler in OpenInstrument.

Prime NMR time is between 11:00am and 7:00pm, Monday to Friday

  • Reservations for prime time open at 6:00 pm the previous day.
  • Users may reserve maximum of four 15 minute prime time slots per day across all systems together unless prior permission is obtained from the facility manager for special experiments (e.g. a low temperature experiment or a short 2D experiment that requires assistance setting up.

Reservations for longer runs during daytime hours (11am to 7pm)

  • For experiments planned ≥ 2 hours , reservations should be made at least two days in advance of the scheduled time to allow for students to plan around your science.
  • For experiments between 1 and 2 hours in length , reservations should be made one day in advance.

Reservation Etiquette

  • Users may use only one instrument at a time 
  • Users must make a reservation on OpenInstrument to gain access to the spectrometer’s computer before beginning spectrometer use. When finishing, click on the Sign Out button next to the user name on the top or bottom of the screen to end usage tracking 
    • Users are responsible for logging off of the systems when the experiments are finished. If a user remains logged in, even when an experiment is not running, they will be charged for that time (including late night experiments) 
  • If you know that you are unable to meet your reservation time, please remove/modify your reservation so that others can book within that time period 
  • Grace periods apply for ALL reservations:  5 minutes for prime, 10 min for evening and 15 min for overnight. The current user may continue using the instrument if the next person does not show within the grace period – otherwise the spectrometer becomes open to any user

Overnight Reservations

  • Within one evening, a maximum of two of the three research instruments (NCB and Remsen) can be used for overnight runs. This will provide late night users access to one instrument for shorter experiments
  • Overnight experiments are restricted to be between 7pm and 9am

Additional Guidelines

  • First time new users MUST schedule training with the Facility Manager, Dr. Jonathan Catazaro, in order to implement proper account setup on each instrument 
  • 19F acquisitions are restricted to the REM300 and UTL400 systems
  • Only the person who reserved and checked into the instrument is allowed to use it at that time. Qualified users training other users are the ONLY exception and must be present during the entire training session.  Account sharing is strictly prohibited. Persons found violating these guidelines will immediately forfeit use of the instrument!
  • Data files are stored in your JHED ID USER directory folder on the U: drive

NOTE: ChemNMR Administrators reserve the right to modify all reservations, monitor instrument use, schedule training/maintenance during primetime and manage all user files.