Photo of Johns Hopkins University sign and lawn

Welcome to the NMR Facility in the Department of Chemistry at Johns Hopkins University. This facility is a valuable resource to the scientific community which assists our users to answer questions to their chemical and biochemical problems.

The aim of the facility is to properly educate and train students to become familiar with the vast offerings NMR spectroscopy can provide. The equipment available is operated on a “self-service” basis and is setup with routine experiments, but other NMR experiments is always encouraged. For unusual or non-routine experiments please consult with the facility manager.

The main facility consists of 3 solution state and 1 solid state NMR spectrometers.There are also two spectrometers used primarily for undergraduate labs but can be used for research when labs are not in session. In addition to NMR, the facility also houses a Bruker EMX EPR system, ThermoNicolet Nexus 670 FTIR spectrometer and JASCO Polarimeter.