Saturday, September 11, 2021, at Johns Hopkins University.
All talks at 132 Gilman Hall.
Click here for the abstracts.


9:00–9:30: Gathering and refreshments.*

9:30–10:30: Jayce Getz (Duke University), The Poisson summation conjecture for generalized Schubert varieties.

11:00–12:00: Carl Wang-Erickson (University of Pittsburgh), A fully faithful alternative to the Montreal functor.

12:00–2:00: Lunch break.

2:00–3:00: Mona Merling (University of Pennsylvania), Scissors congruence for manifolds via K-theory.

3:30–4:30: David Ben-Zvi (University of Texas at Austin), Shearing and Geometric Arthur Parameters.

4:45–5:45: Ivan Loseu (Yale University), Unipotent Harish-Chandra bimodules.

6:30: Dinner at Ambassador, 3811 Canterbury Rd.**

* All food and refreshments to be served in to-go packages, and must be consumed far from the event (preferably outdoors). Unfortunately, current COVID-related regulations prevent us from having hot coffee and water urns; kindly grab your coffee at a nearby store.
** Dinner will be outdoors, please dress according to weather.