Current Team

  • graduate

  • Joseph Cleary
    Bloomberg 251

    Research Interests: Assembling and characterizing the W2 and HF VPMs, as well as understanding their performance in the field; Manufacturing the AR-coated vacuum windows

  • Carolina Núñez
    Bloomberg 225

    Research Interests: Part of the CLASS detector team; Assembly and characterization of the 90 GHz and 150/220 GHz telescopes

  • Ziang Yan

    Research Interests: Analysis of CLASS sky maps; Cross-analysis between CLASS data and other CMB polarization observations like WMAP and Planck

  • undergraduate

  • David Carcamo
    Bloomberg 250

    Research Interests: Database and data analysis; telescope closeouts

  • Sasha Novack
    Bloomberg 218

    Research Interests: Variable-delay Polarization Modulator (VPM); Cryo windows; Fourier transform spectrometer

  • Diva Parekh
    Bloomberg 250

    Research Interests: Outreach, website development and social media; data analysis

  • Spiros Alex Reda
    Bloomberg 250

    Research Interests: Data analysis for the related Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT) project; Investigating the impact of feedback from active galactic nuclei on the processes of star formation in galactic clusters

  • Daniel Swartz
    Bloomberg 250

    Research Interests: Database framework using Python and SQLAlchemy

  • Devon Williams
    Bloomberg 218

    Research Interests: Cryogenics and detectors; Mount construction

  • Research Scientist

  • John William Appel
    Bloomberg 247

    Research Interests: Development, integration and deployment of CLASS detector arrays

  • Lingzhen Zeng

    Research Interests: Smooth-walled horn design