The CLASS Team

CLASS is a team effort. Undergraduates, PhD students, postdoctoral researchers (“Postdocs”), professors, professional scientists and engineers all make key contributions to the project. The team is responsible for building the telescopes and high desert site, operating the telescopes, and analyzing the data for cosmology.

CLASS is led from Johns Hopkins University in collaboration with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, NIST Boulder, and other universities in the US, Canada, and Chile. On this page we list the people who make CLASS happen.

CLASS Alumni

We also list students, postdocs and others who have contributed to CLASS and moved onto other projects and careers. For these “CLASS Alumni” we provide, when available, the next role they went on to play after CLASS. These roles span academia, industry and government. The listing format is “Name (CLASS Position): Next Role.”

A major mission of CLASS is to train the next generation of scientists and engineers, and we are proud to have played a role in fostering the careers of these talented individuals.

InstitutionFaculty and Tenured ScientistsResearch StaffGraduate StudentsUndergraduate Students
University of British Columbia
Mark Halpern
Gary Hinshaw
Mandana AmiriZi’ang Yan
University of California Berkeley
Aamir Ali
Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción

Ricardo Bustos
Universidad de Chile
Gonzalo Palma
Bastián Pradenas
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile 
Rolando Dünner
Pedro Fluxa
Universidad de Concepción

Rodrigo Reeves
Deniz Valle (Field Engineer)
Goddard Space Flight Center
Kevin Denis
Tom Essinger-Hileman
Harvey Moseley
Thomas Stevenson
Edward Wollack
Meng-Ping Chang (Engineer)
Nick Costen (Engineer)
Mike Greason
Ron Hu (Engineer)
Kongpop U-yen
Goddard Space Flight Center CLASS AlumniDavid Chuss (Scientist): Villanova University, Felipe Colazo, Eric Crowe (Engineer), Nathan Lourie (UG): University of Pennsylvania
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Lingzhen Zeng
Johns Hopkins University logo1945Charles Bennett (Co-PI)
Toby Marriage (Co-PI)
John Appel (Associate Research Scientist)
Jullianna Couto (Assistant Research Scientist)
Joseph Eimer (Associate Research Scientist)
John Karakla (Engineer)
Nathan Miller (Assistant Research Scientist)
Ivan Padilla (Assistant Research Scientist)
Lucas Parker (Assistant Research Scientist)
Sumit Dahal
Katie Harrington
Jeff Iuliano
Carolina Nuñez
Matthew Petroff
Trevor Van Engelhoven
Bingjie Wang
Qinan Wang
Duncan Watts

Lauren Aldoroty
Lance Corbett
Halley Cromley
Austin Granmoe
Saianeesh Haridas
Duan Li
Mackenzie Mills
Andre Nottingham (Morgan State Univ)
Diva Parekh
Gary Rhoades

Johns Hopkins University CLASS AlumniMadi Abelson (UG), Max Abitbol (UG Thesis): Columbia University, Aamir Ali (PhD): UC Berkeley, Gilberto Batisti Junior (UG), Fletcher Boone (UG Thesis): US Navy, Manwei Chan (UG Thesis): MIT Aerospace Engineering PhD Program, Julia Chavarry (UG), Thomas Essinger-Hileman (Postdoc): NASA GoddardLaurence Giordiano (UG), Dominik Gothe (PhD): Industry, Ted Grunberg (UG Senior Thesis): MIT, Ian Lowry (G), Connor Henley (UG Thesis): MIT, Marie Hepfer (UG), Jordan Hoffman (UG), David Larson (Postdoc): Aerospace Industry, Lindsay Lowry (UG Thesis): UC San Diego, Nicholas Mehrle (UG Thesis): MIT Physics PhD Program, Wenli Mo (UG), Grace Mumby (UG Thesis): University of Pennsylvania, Matthew Petroff (UG Thesis): JHU, Deniz Valle (UG), Dario Verta (UG), Emily Wagner (UG Thesis): JHU Computer Science, Tiffany Wei (UG Thesis): Info-Tech Industry, Zhilei Xu (PhD): University of Pennsylvania, Lingzhen Zeng (PhD): Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Zhuo Zhang (UG Thesis): University of Chicago,
University of Maryland
Karwan Rostem
University of MichiganBicential_logoJeff McMahon
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyNISTGene Hilton
Johannes Hubmayr
Carl Reintsema
University of Pennsylvania
Zhilei Xu
Villanova University
David Chuss
Martin DeGeorge
Leah Berman
Riley McCarten
Vincent Mutolo

Villanova University CLASS AlumniElizabeth Johnson (UG), Marco Sagliocca (UG): NASA Goddard , Claire Schmidt (UG)
Past CLASS CollaboratorsMichele Limon, Amber Miller, Giles Novak