We discovered an ancient town!

The JHU Spatial Observation Lab for Archaeological Research (SOLAR) is pleased to announce the first publication on our discovery of the ancient town of Beta Samati. News coverage is available here… Archeologists unearth lost town from little-known ancient East African empire – CNN Ancient buried town in Ethiopia uncovered – BBC Radio Lost Ethiopian town […]

SOLAR Receives Grant from Space@Hopkins Research Group

Space@Hopkins, the umbrella organization for civilian space research at Johns Hopkins University, has awarded seed grants to four projects that focus on improving space travel and expanding the understanding of the history of Earth and other planets.

NASA: Searching for the Origins of Space Archaeology

It was the summer of 1990 and broiling hot in southwest Oman. The small group spread out their sleeping bags on a desert mesa, under the setting Sun. They had not planned on stopping here for the night, so they had no radio, nor any mode of communication. Their transport, a Vietnam War-era Huey helicopter, had returned to Thumrait Air Base to refuel, leaving them grounded until morning.