Director: Michael McCloskey

Research Topics

Research in the lab focuses on normal and impaired cognitive functioning in the areas of:

  • Reading, spelling, and writing
  • Visual perception and cognition

We are also interested in:

  • Memory and amnesia
  • Numerical cognition and dyscalculia
  • Foundational issues in cognitive neuropsychology and cognitive science.

Our goals are to:

  • Understand the mental representations and processes underlying these cognitive functions
  • Understand how these representations and processes are disrupted when the brain is damaged or fails to develop normally
  • Apply the knowledge gained about normal and impaired functioning to the development of effective remediations


We bring a variety of methods to bear on these issues, including:

  • Cognitive neuropsychological studies of brain-damaged adults
  • Cognitive neuropsychological studies of children with learning disabilities
  • Behavioral studies of normal children and adults
  • Computational modeling
  • Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
  • Event-related potentials (ERP)

News & Announcements

Congratulations, Dr. Chaisilprungraung!

Photo of Pang Chaisilprungraung

Pang Chaisilprungraung successfully passed her defense and finished her PhD degree. Her dissertation was entitled Axes in Object-Centered Shape Representation: Insights from Mirror-Image Reflection Errors. Pang is headed next to a postdoc research fellowship at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. Brava, Pang! ...Read More>>

Congratulations, Dr. Ellenblum!

Photo of Gali Ellenblum

Lab member Gali Ellenblum successfully passed her defense and finished her PhD Degree. Her dissertation was entitled Cognitive and Computational Modeling of Handwriting. She accepted an offer from Apple to work as a Machine Learning Engineer! Congrats, Gali!