News & Announcements

August 31, 2020
We have a new first-year PhD Student in the lab – Natalia Khodayari. Natalia hails from Northern California, most recently UC Davis, and is well experienced with EEG. We’re excited to have her in the lab!

November 5, 2019

Our lab’s work was featured in the October 31st issue of the Johns Hopkins News-Letter! Check out the article here.

September 13, 2019

Congratulations to lab members Nora Jandhyala and Soowan Jeong on presenting their research at the Baltimore SFN Chapter meeting! Nora’s project was on distraction, titled “Does warning that a stimulus is distracting affect how distracting that stimulus is”, while Soowan’s project was on stress and working memory, titled “Stress and Working memory: Choking under pressure or rising to the challenge?”.

March 15, 2019

On March 14th and 15th, the Courtney Lab hosted the creators of Brainstorm, Sylvain Baillet and Martin Cousineau, for an intensive EEG data analysis bootcamp. Brainstorm is a collaborative, open-source application dedicated to the analysis of brain recordings.

The bootcamp included hands-on EEG data analysis and lectures on EEG processing and EEG signals.

Link to more information and the lecture slides used during the Bootcamp 

March 28, 2018  

Welcome back to the lab members who spent a stimulating time at this year’s Cognitive Neuroscience Society conference! Thomas and Myranda each presented posters using neuroimaging techniques to explore current topics relevant to the field. Click on the title of each poster below to view a PDF.

Aging effects on the structural and functional connectivity of cognitive control: An fMRI study in arithmetic

Distinct influence of value-driven attentional capture when maintaining locations and spatial relations in working memory

February 26, 2018   

Congratulations to Myranda Gormley, one of only eight winners of the Association for Psychological Science Student Grant Competition!  Myranda is a third-year undergraduate Neuroscience student and research assistant in Dr. Susan Courtney’s lab.  With faculty researcher, Dr. Leon Gmeindl, she will be investigating the effects of psychological stress on component processes of working memory—such as maintenance and manipulation—as a function of individuals’ working memory capacity. She hopes to refine models of working memory so that they better account for individual differences in the effects of stress/anxiety on cognition and performance which may contribute to the development of better evaluation metrics and more sophisticated performance-enhancement regimens. The grant will fund compensation of participants and task materials.

December 8, 2017   

How to hit your brain’s ‘kill switch’ — before it’s too late

CNN interviews Dr. Courtney on her latest publication that focuses on how the brain processes information that can alter your moment-to-moment decisions.

October 23, 2017  

In Memory Training Smackdown, One Method Dominates

This NPR report reviews Kara’s research on the most effective way to train your working memory.

October 20, 2017

Welcome to new lab members Thomas, Tara, and Travis!

We are delighted to be joined by T ‘n’ T ‘n’ T!

Thomas Hinault, PhD, joins the Courtney Lab as a postdoctoral fellow, Tara Ghazi is our new 1st-year graduate student, and Travis Kroeker is the new Manager of the Courtney Lab.

Welcome to the lab!

October 17, 2017

 This training exercise boosts brain power, Johns Hopkins researchers say

May 25 2017

Susan Courtney named vice provost for faculty affairs at Johns Hopkins

Congratulations to Dr. Courtney on her new administrative position!

March 15 2017 

Kara will be speaking at the Science of Learning Fellowship Showcase

Dec 14 2016 

Read Kara’s guest blog post on the left-brain/right-brain myth!