Welcome our new PhD student, Nathaniel Allen!

Nathaniel is finishing his senior year at Florida Tech studying neuropsychology. He will be joining the Courtney Lab this Fall 2023, and we can’t wait!

Welcome new Grad Student Natalia!

We have a new first-year PhD Student in the lab – Natalia Khodayari. Natalia hails from Northern California, most recently UC Davis, and is well experienced with EEG. We’re excited to have her in the lab!

Myranda wins another research award!

In addition to the prestigious APS award Myranda Gormley—our superstar undergraduate lab member—received a while ago, she’s also just received a Dean’s Undergraduate Research Award (DURA; http://krieger.jhu.edu/research/undergraduate/dura/) for her project on stress and cognition.  This award provides substantial funding for conducting her research. Congrats to Myranda!