Baltimore Art Project

The Cosmic Visions Project successfully hosted its art competition for local high school students. Click here to see the original call for submissions.

Student artists took on the difficult task to interpret, imagine, and visually respond to the amazing discoveries and images emerging from the Webb Telescope. Located one million miles away, like a remote eye in space, the Webb Telescope probes deeper into cosmic time than ever before, unlocking the mysteries of the beginnings of our universe. How do these discoveries impact our understanding of ourselves and time?

Over a hundred students worked on their projects for months and submitted the results to our jury.

On Thursday, May 16 2024, we were finally able to exhibit the stunning works and announce the winners during festivities at The Space Telescope Science Institute, including pizza, refreshments, and presentations about the art and science behind the fascinating images that the Webb Telescope makes possible.

We even made into local television. You can see the clip here!

See a glimpse of the festivities below:

For some of the sources that our artists drew their inspiration for see below:

Webb’s first image gallery

Princeton’s Art of Science competition and exhibition

Exhibition “The Observable Universe: Visualizing the Cosmos in Art” by the Santa Barbara Museum of Art