August 2017: The lab becomes part of an NSF funded NeuroNex consortium, led by Spencer Smith at UNC. The goal of the consortium is to develop and distribute new two-photon imaging technology.

November 2016: Augusto and Drew present posters at SFN in San Diego.

September 2016: A collaboration with Hey-Kyoung Lee’s labs is funded with an R21 from NEI.

March 2016: The lab receives a three year research grant from the Whitehall Foundation. We are very grateful for the support!

October 2015: Ram presents a poster at SFN in Chicago.

June 2015: The lab, in collaboration with Joshua Vogelstein, receives a research grant from the Science of Learning Institute at Johns Hopkins. Many thanks for the support!

November 2014: Sam presents a poster at SFN in Washington, DC.

July 2012: Lab opens.