Publications & Presentations

Selected Publications

Bowen, J.D. (2021). Psychological distance and the pandemic: Insights from Construal Level Theory and relationship science. Social Psychology and Personality Compass, 15.

Bowen, J.D., & Gillath, O. (2020). Who plays hard-to-get and who finds it attractive? Investigating the role of attachment style. Personality and Individual Differences, 162.

Bowen, J.D., Winczewski, L.A., & Collins, N.L. (2017). Language style matching in romantic partners’ conflict and support interactions. Journal of Language and Social Psychology, 36, 263-286.

Winczewski, L.A., Bowen, J.D., & Collins, N.L. (2016). Is empathic accuracy enough to facilitate responsive behavior in dyadic interaction? Distinguishing ability from motivation. Psychological Science, 27, 394-404.

Selected Presentations

*Denotes an undergraduate co-author

*Taylor, E., & Bowen, J.D. (July, 2021). Dyadic emotional profiles in stressful partner interactions: Using patterns of perceived and experienced emotion to predict felt responsiveness. Poster accepted to International Association for Relationships Research bi-annual conference. London, UK.

*Wellons, M., & Bowen, J.D. (February, 2020). The effects of relationship duration and distance on the structure of partner mental representation. Poster presented at Society for Personality and Social Psychology annual conference. New Orleans, LA.