News and Announcements


Article collection published

The article collection edited by Francesca Serra, Uros Tkalec and Teresa Lopez-Leon is now online as an ebook! You can read it here. Thank you to all the authors!


Alvin and Zhaofei take their GBO exam

Congratulations to Alvin and Zhaofei who successfully took their GBO exams and are now official “PhD candidates”.


New paper

Our new paper on smectic microlenses is now online! Congratulations to Sean, Bea and MinSu. You can read it here.


Francesca wins NSF grant $$$

Our research on liquid crystals in polymer network has been funded by NSF-DMR!


Talk at University of Luxembourg

Francesca is giving a colloquium at the University of Luxembourg. Can’t wait!


New paper

A new paper on defect patterns is now online! Congratulations to MinSu! You can read it here.


The lab is shutting down…

See you all soon and stay safe!


We are at virtual March Meeting

Francesca, Kirsten and Zhaofei will present at the DSoft virtual march meeting.


Kirsten wins DSOFT travel grant

Kirsten has got the DSOFT travel grant to attend March Meeting. Congratulations!


New paper online!

Our paper on topological defect patterns is online in Advanced Optical Materials!


Zhaofei Zheng wins poster prize at IMRC Cancun

Zhaofei presents his first poster on twist in capillaries at IMRC in Cancun and wins one of the poster prizes sponsored by the journal Soft Matter! Congratulations!


MASM at Hopkins

Francesca and Brian Camley are organizing the 22nd Mid Atlantic Soft Matter meeting at JHU.


Nina Amezcua joins the lab as undergraduate researcher

Welcome Nina!


Senior students Bea Lunsford-Poe and Kelsey Ishimoto graduate. Congratulations! 


Women in STEM symposium at Hopkins

Kirsten Endresen is presenting a poster on her research at the 2nd Women in STEM symposium at East Baltimore Campus.


Undergraduate research symposium “DREAMS”

Kelsey Ishimoto and Beatrice Lunsford-Poe are both presenting a poster on their research projects at the JHU research symposium. It was nice to see a poster session with so many different topics next to each other!


At the Biophysical Society Conference  

Kirsten Endresen is presenting a poster at the 2019 BPS in Baltimore.


Caleb Clark wins special award at the Baltimore Science Fair!

Caleb won a special recognition for his work on confined liquid crystals, which he presented at the yearly Baltimore Science Fair! Congratulations!

11/01/18 $$$$$$

Francesca Serra has been awarded the ACS Petroleum Research Fund Doctoral New Investigator grant!

10/10/18 New paper!

A new paper by MinSu Kim and FS is soon to be published on RSC Advances. 

10/01/18 Even more new lab members!

Graduate student Sean Hare joins the group. The group is now huge. Welcome! 

08/30/18 New lab members!

New graduate students Cassandra Imperato and Zhaofei Zheng join the group. Welcome! 

06/12/18 Francesca Serra at UChicago

Francesca is giving a “Women in Chemistry” talk at the James Frank Institute at UChicago.

06/08/2018 Sasha joins the lab

Sophomore Sasha Novack joins the lab! Welcome!

05/24/2018  Jose graduates

Senior Jose Velez graduates from JHU. Congratulations Jose, we will miss you!

05/21/2018  Conference in Natal, Brazil

Francesca is off to Brazil for the “Geometry of Soft Matter” workshop in Natal. Here is a link to the event:

04/19/2018 Beatrice Lunsford-Poe wins JHU Photo Contest!

Congratulations to Bea, who won the first prize for the JHU Research Photo Contest (category “Undergraduate students”) with her beautiful picture of cholesteric fingerprints! Here is the JHU press release. 

02/20/18 MinSu Kim from Serra Lab at APS March Meeting

MinSu Kim is going to be at APS March Meeting in Los Angeles, giving a talk on Thursday, March 8th, h 4.18PM, Session V57.  

02/10/ 17  MinSu’s blue phases on the wall

Check out the new artwork at JHU, the painting is MinSu’s photo of liquid crystal blue phases! 

01/20/ 17  First presentation for Kirsten at soft matter group meeting

Nicely done!

01/15/ 17  Michael and Kelsey join the lab

Junior students Michael Lepori and Kelsey Ishimoto join the lab. Welcome! 

11/30/ 17  Francesca at the Baltimore Institute of Technology

Francesca gave two lectures on liquid crystals at the Baltimore Institute of Technology, and got some great questions from the students.

09/29/ 17  1st soft matter group meeting talk

MinSu gave the very first talk about his new project at the soft matter group meeting at JHU. Well done!

09/01/ 17  Kirsten joins the lab

1st year grad student Kirsten Endresen joins the lab. Welcome! 

08/29/ 17  Talks at IMID

Francesca and MinSu are off to Busan (South Korea) to give invited talks at IMID 2017. 

06/01/ 17  Bea and Jose join as summer students

Senior students Bea Lunsford-Poe and Jose Velez join the lab for the summer.  Welcome! 

05/05/ 17  Lab (almost) ready

We can start to work in the new lab, at last.

02/13/ 17  Welcome MinSu!

Dr. MinSu Kim has just joined as a postdoctoral researcher. Welcome!