Summer Internship Grants

Summer Internship Grant

More information on the Summer Internship Grant will be coming at a later time. If you are interested in learning more about summer funding opportunities, please visit the Life Design Lab at Homewood.

Thanks to the philanthropy of the Second Decade Society, several grants are available to Hopkins students who take summer internships. Internships must be unpaid or sponsored by a nonprofit. Grant funding is specifically intended to support living and travel expenses incurred by participation in the internship. Internships must be a minimum of eight weeks.


Full-time freshmen, sophomores, and juniors enrolled in the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences. Priority will be given to exceptional candidates with demonstrated financial need.

Award recipients receive the following:

  • Without Hopkins Grant Aid: Up to $3,000 (pro-rated at $250 per week) toward summer living expenses.
  • With Hopkins Grant Aid: up to $3,000 (pro-rated at $250 per week) toward summer living expenses and up to $2,000 to replace unmet need in the “Self Help” portion of the student’s financial aid package. (Please Note: The student must also apply for grant aid for the following Academic Year in order to receive the award.) ** If you are receiving Hopkins Grant Aid, please submit a copy of your financial aid award letter for the current academic year with your application.

How do I find an internship?

Students are expected to develop their own internships as part of the learning process. However, the Life Design Lab can assist with the search by offering networking opportunities, resources, and individual advising.