Executive Committee

National Chair: Francesco Clark
Vice Chair: Logan Sugarman

Career Committee

The Career Committee works closely with the Homewood Life Design Lab and Hire Hopkins offices to provide opportunities for undergraduates to explore their career options, gain valuable insight into possible career fields, pursue forward-thinking internships, and develop critical interviewing and networking skills.

Student Award Committee

The Student Award Committee works to provide undergraduate students with unique opportunities for leadership and career development through grant and scholarship opportunities. This committee is critical in awarding two of the signature SDS Initiatives, the SDS Summer Internship Grans and the SDS Meg Walsh Award.

Philanthropic Leadership Committee

The Philanthropic Leadership Committee helps to secure and maintain SDS’s financial resources and align its activities to Krieger’s current fiscal priorities. This includes leading fundraising efforts to secure annual dues and other resources to help directly support SDS programming. The committee educates members about the importance of philanthropy and endowment, and fosters a common understanding of what it means to be an SDS member.

Leadership Development Committee

The Leadership Development Committee is tasked with managing the new membership pipeline with an focus on leadership and diversity. They are also charged with welcoming new members and identifying existing members who are interested in taking on more active leadership roles within SDS. Committee members may be tasked with personal outreach to other SDS members.