Pedagogy Workshop: How to Teach about Racism, Sexism, and White Supremacy (CANCELED)

CANCELED! March 12, 2020


Mergenthaler 366

Jared Hickman, Department of English

Nathan Connolly, Department of History

Hosted by experienced faculty, this graduate student workshop explores strategies for teaching most effectively the history and workings of racism, sexism, and their joint expression in the workings of white supremacy.  We’ll discuss strategies for course design, reading loads, and the paced dispersal of what could be called “triggering” content for our students. Mindful of the institutional and political hazards facing the so-called “Academic Left,” this workshop will emphasize the enduring intellectual and civic utility of walking students through historical and cultural processes, particularly those that further empower the already powerful.

Pedagogy Workshop on 3-12, 12:15pm, Merg 366