4th Annual Living “Hopkins” Roundtable

4th Annual Living “Hopkins” Roundtable

The Program in Racism, Immigration and Citizenship and the Program in Women, Gender and Sexuality present…

Living “Hopkins” in Baltimore: An Immigrant City

April 28th, 4pm-6pm

Nolan Room, Gilman 132

We invite you to join us for an informal roundtable discussion on the intersections of race, gender, migration, and citizenship in Baltimore city. Some of the questions that we seek to address are:

How is state violence folded into the experiences of migration and racialization?

In what parts of the city do we feel “safe”? How does our status matter?

How does Hopkins’ relationship with Baltimore affect the experiences of women on campus and in the city?

How might intersectional collaborations strengthen struggles for social justice in the current era?

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