Kyle Rawlins

Associate Professor, Cognitive Science Department


I regularly teach the following courses. I also supervise both graduate and undergrad research units.

Lower level

  • 050.107, “Language and advertising”. Most recent (and first) version was Spring 2010.

Upper level / graduate

  • 050.317/050.617, “Semantics I”. This course provides an advanced introduction to semantic theory, focusing on pragmatics, extensional semantics, and lexical semantics. The textbook is Heim and Kratzer, “Semantics in Generative Grammar”. The most recent version was Fall 2009.
  • 050.322/050.622, “Semantics II”. This course provides a continuation of semantics I, focusing this time on intensional semantics. I am currently teaching this (Fall 2010).
  • 050.370/050.670, “Formal methods in cognitive science: language”. This course provides an introduction to various mathematical tools used in building formal linguistic theories. The focus is on discrete math, and about half the course is on formal language theory. The most recent past version was Fall 2008. I am currently teaching this (Fall 2010).
  • 050.321/050.621, “Syntax II”. This has yet to happen, but I will be occasionally teaching syntax II, as a “topics in minimalist syntax” course.

Graduate only

  • 050.817, “Research seminar in semantics”. This course alternates between a structured seminar, and a lab-meeting style course, where we read current literature related to participants and my research. The 2009-2010 version has been lab-meeting style.

Recent teaching schedule

Fall 2010: 050.317 Formal methods: language
050.322 Semantics II
Spring 2010: 050.107 Language and Advertising
Research seminar in semantics (lab meeting
Fall 2009: 050.317/617 Semantics I
Research seminar in semantics (lab meeting)
Spring 2009: 050.817 Research seminar in semantics (modification)