Semantics lab

The semantics lab, headed by Kyle Rawlins, is a forum for research in semantics and related fields.

The semantics lab’s physical space in Krieger 105 is a resource for doing both computational and experimental work in semantics. The lab space has a testing room, a meeting room, and a common area with computers. Keys are available for affiliated graduate students as well as undergraduate RAs; contact Kyle for more information.

The semantics lab has regular weekly meetings during the semester, and somewhat less regularly at other times. These lab meetings provide a space for participants to discuss their research as well as others’, in semantics, pragmatics, syntax, and related fields. We often have co-run seminars with the Van Durme lab in CS, or the Textual Choreography group. In F2015, we are jointly running a seminar on computational lexical semantics, organizers are: Kyle Rawlins, Ben Van Durme, Aaron Steven White.

If you’re interested in hearing about semantics lab-related events, you can join the semlab mailing list. This is primarily an announcement list, not a discussion list.

Current members & affiliates


  • Kristen Johannes, PhD 2015 (co-advised with Barbara Landau, Colin Wilson). Currently STEM Research Associate
  • Charley Beller, PhD 2013. Currently an Natural Language Processing Analysit, Watson Transformations, IBM.
  • Lilia Rissman, PhD 2013. Currently Postdoctoral, Scholar Dept of Psychology, University of Chicago.
  • Erin Zaroukian, PhD 2013. Currently postdoctoral fellow, US Army Research Laboratory.
  • Monica Lopez-Gonzalez, PhD 2010. Currently postdoctoral Fellow, Dept of Otolaryngology, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, working with Charles Limb.
  • Julian Grove, BA 2010 (undergrad RA). Currently Ph.D student in the Linguistics Department, U Chicago.


Affiliated labs: